Monday, August 11, 2014

Tons of Teaching and Service!

What a week!

On Tuesday we continued with the bricks for brother David Baffa. There were no snakes this time. It was fun. Later we taught Peter about the Plan Of Salvation. It was a great lesson. Later we taught Kiprotich, who was baptized a week ago. We added an emphasis on obedience as we were explaining each of the points in the POS. It was a great lesson.  We waited at the church for some other people that never showed up. At around 6:30 we went to the market in town and bought two chickens then as a District we went to the village. We visited one of the counselors in the Branch Presidency called Ciprian. This guy is powerful and is a story that you can share about testimony and dedication to the gospel. 

Ciprian met the missionaries a couple years ago in town and they directed him to the church. He went to church on Sunday and they started teaching him, then he invited his wife to come and join the church as well. The catch is that Ciprian lives 20 kilometers away from town in the village. He rides his bicycle 3 hours every Sunday to come to church. He leaves home at around 6:00 am so he can be at church by 9:00 for meetings and then church starts at 10:00. He NEVER fails to come to church even if it is raining. If it is raining he holds an umbrella while riding his bike 3 hours to the church. His wife and daughter take a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) every Sunday to come to church as well. Those 3 hours every week are a testimony to his conversion and dedication to live the gospel.  Even he and his wife are preparing to serve a mission as senior couples. They are just waiting for their daughter to go on her mission first. Are you dedicated enough to ride a bicycle 3 hours every Sunday to church? If not then maybe it would be good to consider where your testimony is and what you need to do to become more converted to the gospel. So there is his story.

On Tuesday night we went and visited him. In the truck it took about 30 minutes to drive there and they cooked dinner for us. It was a wonderful humbling experience. Some of us complain about going to church because we are tired or "sick" or it is far. Most of you can either drive or walk to church in less than 10 minutes. Some of us always come late to church. The only excuse for someone to be late is if they live 20 kilometers away and have to come on a bicycle! But this man always comes an hour early to attend his meetings. Just something for everyone to think about :)

The rest of the week went well. We did a lot of service and taught a lot of new people. Our teaching pool is growing and we now have many great people that we are teaching. Throughout the week Elder Latola and I made a lot of progress and improvements in the way we work. Things are looking good for this coming week. 

Have fun going back to school this week!

Love Elder LeCheminant

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