Monday, May 18, 2015

The Last Week!

Well this week has been awesome! We finally hit our groove and got things built up to a steady consistent pace of always finding and progressing people. Over the last three weeks we have had 25 new investigators. This week we have set our goals high.  Elder Barrett is going to reap big next transfer. We are setting things up good for the future here.

Each day we focused a lot on finding and met with many wonderful families. We saw some weird stuff happen a few of the days that make amazing stories to be told later. But one thing that I am sad about is one family we have been teaching. The mother is Jennifer and she has 3 kids. Then her sister has like 4 or 5 kids. They all stay together and they are just amazing! We have too much fun with them. The bummer of the week is that ALL of the kids except the youngest are going back to school today. SO we wont be able to have fun with the kids anymore; but we will still teach the mom. Yesterday she said that since she left her husband she has been wondering what church she should go to, then one day we showed up! And yesterday she told us she will be staying in the church of Jesus Christ. So we set a baptism date with her for the 13 June. So that was pretty awesome. We were there last night to say goodbye to all of the kids and got some good pics. I will attach one in the email.

Today we went to CHOBE!!!!! It was soo amazing. I missed that place. It is seriously the most beautiful place on earth. The amazing lodge right on the Nile River. After having delicious breakfast we went down by the water and were just watching the hippos, then a huge herd of elephant came walking down. There was 11 elephants sitting there in the water!!! It was so awesome. I think God was just showing off. Words can't describe the beauty of his creations. I want to say more about it but I seriously don't know what to say. It made for a great p-day. Also, on the way out we saw some Impala fighting. Then right as I was taking the picture they both looked at me. It was my first time seeing Impala. Usually there are just tons of little Kob running around. So the pics are of the impala, the elephants and my district with our beautiful butts! Yes be jealous, because there are even elephants in the background :) And then there is also Jennifer's family from last night.

Have a great week everyone. This is my last week. So next week will be my last time to email on mission. Life is good. I love Gulu and I love Uganda more than anything!! :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Countdown and General Conference

We had a pretty great week this week. Every day was just full of solid work. We focused on being consistent throughout the week and were able to hit all of our goals except like 2 or 3. We have been focusing a lot on finding each day. We have a set time of three hours everyday to tract and it has been very successful. We have been able to consistently get new investigators every week.

My last zone conference a few weeks back

There is an investigator called Ogik.  He is an amazing guy and has been coming to church for a long time. When we started teaching him we thought that he wasn't legally married so that meant we couldn't progress him and his wife. So we were just slowly teaching and hoping to find a way to get them legally married. Its really difficult here in Gulu because the church isn't registered here to perform marriages. They would have to go to Kampala to the Kololo Chapel. But Kampala is to far away for something like that. But on Tuesday as we were teaching we asked some more questions about their marriage details and found out they actually are legally married!!!! In Uganda a tribal marriage is considered legal, but tribal marriages are really confusing and work differently with different tribes. We found out that according to their tribe they are married. It was such a huge relief. SO now we are progressing Ogik for baptism the first week of June. His wife, Sarah, might be a challenge though because of her work schedule. I am kinda sad because I will be at home when he is baptized, But at least Elder Barrett will have a good start next transfer.

The baptism last week of John and Kennedy.

Then there was another family that we found. It was a referral family from Mama Beatrice. Beatrice is one of my converts from last year. She took us to a family that stays close to her house and we started teaching them. So that was nice. We are now teaching almost all families. There is only one single person that we are teaching.

Saturday and Sunday we were finally able to watch General Conference!!!! It was soo awesome, especially the Saturday sessions and the priesthood session. There was some very direct and pointed talks by the apostles. It was powerful. I felt that Elder Ballard in the priesthood session was talking directly to me because I am almost going to be a returned missionary. He said RM does not mean 'Retired Mormon'!!! Haha i laughed pretty hard. The rest of his talk was powerful. All of the talks were inspired and definitely meant for the world today.

Today we went to an Ethiopian Restaurant for lunch. Its delicious stuff!!!

Then calling home this morning was great!! After the two hours of trying to get connected. I was almost about to give up but then I knew that the family wanted to talk so I kept trying. I tried calling on three different phones with different numbers and none of them were getting through. I wonder if it has something to do with Alaska. It was really annoying though. And then getting the Google Hangout set up was painful. The microphone settings on the computer were all messed up so it took an hour to finally figure out what to do. But eventually we made it and had a nice little talk. Technology is a problem sometimes! But Happy Mother's Day mom. I hope it was a good day for you.

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, May 4, 2015


Well this will be a bit short. But we had a fantastic week. We applied everything we learned in the zone conference last Monday. And as a result we were able to hit most of our goals for the week and we were able to find a couple new families. We did a lot of tracting. That was kinda weird for me because the last time I seriously tracted was before I left Gulu last year. I never tracted in Iganga or Kololo. All of the people we taught in Iganga and Kololo were mostly through referrals or other contacts. But here in Gulu tracting has been the better option. And we were able to find some new families!!!

When we started on Tuesday I turned to Elder Barrett and said ok now its your time. You get to lead. I will be behind you to help out. Then his eyes went huge!!! Haha it was pretty funny. He was super nervous being the one in front approaching people and knocking on doors. I just sat back and enjoyed and then helped out when he was stuck. There was a few times he struggled to keep a conversation and it was getting really awkward so I had to save it. But as the week went on he got better and better. Our plan is to have a three hour block of tracting every day in the evening time.

Saturday was the baptism of John and Kennedy. They are amazing. We had them interviewed on Friday and then the baptism was Saturday afternoon. It was kinda weird have the baptism on a Saturday. I am used to having them on Sundays after church. But it was good and went well. I ended up being the one conducting like very last minute. Literally as we were about to start, the Branch President called me up to conduct. Haha, so I literally had no time to put together the program because I thought the Branch President had done it. So I acted like I was already planning to conduct and then just made it up as I went. It worked out very well and I don't think anyone knew that I had nothing planned. Haha but next time I am going to make sure that a program is put together before the baptism service starts. Elder Barrett baptized both of them. Then on Sunday they both chose me to confirm them. I tried avoiding it but it didn't work so I ended up doing the confirmations.

So that was basically the week. Pretty dang exciting that dads cousins son got his mission call to Uganda. The mission of missions!!! :)
Oh yea a funny from today. We were in town getting stuff figured out with SIM cards for calling home next week. Then the guy at the shop who was helping us tried saying my name. And he said 'Lechestament'. Hahahahahaha I laughed soo hard! I think it was a first that can be added to the list.

Have a great week! 3 weeks left :)

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, April 27, 2015

John Kennedy and Chasing Chameleons

Howdy do
Life is good. We spent the week just working and trying our best. We ended the week with 3 investigators. The finding ideas we used in Kampala obviously don't work here, so this next week we will be trying to come up with some different finding ideas. Its going to need some creativity for my non-creative brain!!!! But I am sure we will be able to do it.

We have a father and son that were taught by the previous elders here. The dad is called John and his son is called Kennedy. On our list we put them together as John Kennedy. Yea it was funny because we didnt' realize it until after like 10 minutes!! Anyways they would have been baptized a few weeks ago but there was some confusion with John and plural marriage. The story was really confusing because everyone was saying different things. Even he had met with President Chatfield a few weeks ago and they talked about it, but there was still some confusion. So yesterday we talked to John and got the whole story out of him. Then we talked to President Chatfield today and it turns out it was never polygamy in the first place and he said we can baptize him! So this weekend we should be having two baptisms. Yaya :) They are awesome.

Gulu is a beautiful place. I think God is a show off sometimes. Gulu is mostly flat. Then there are parts of our area where we can see out for miles and then a few random hills in the distance and it is just beautiful. I can't think of any better place to serve as a missionary than here in Gulu. To everyone else in the world, your missions are probably nice, but nothing compares to Uganda!!!!! Hehe :) A few days ago we found a snake on the road in front of the church. It was just a little teeny one though, Like barely a foot long. Then also few days back there was a chameleon crossing the road. We tried grabbing but it ran into a bush. Then we chased it around this little bush for like 10 minutes until I eventually caught it! Then Elder Barrett wanted to hold it. As soon as he grabbed it the whole body turned black and it was trying to bite him!! Haha it was hilarious because on my hand it was totally calm. That was random... On Saturday evening we ate a duck for dinner. One of my recent converts here was so excited to see me again that she wanted to give me a duck. So of course we accepted and she cooked it for us on Saturday with other local foods. It tasted better than chicken. The meat was really soft and delicious. I forgot to take a picture of the duck though so that is just now a long lost memory..

Today we had Zone Conference. It was originally scheduled for tomorrow but some things happened and they changed the plans and we had it today. It was pretty awesome. My last zone conference.! At the end I gave my farewell testimony. That was kinda strange. I felt like it was just another zone conference and that I still have like the rest of my life here as a missionary. The conference was all about using time wisely and about effective daily planning. There was a lot of things we could improve on with daily planning. It will help me though these next few weeks to use all of the time most effectively.

Have a fantastic week everyone. Choose the right. The gospel is true.
Elder LeCheminant

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Beginning of the End - Last Transfer!

So this week was a pretty good week. We finished off the transfer on a good note of 2 baptisms!!! Yay

Most of the week is a blur as usual. The two who were baptized was Timothy and Vincent. They are both awesome. We visited them everyday to make sure everything went right during their last week of preparing for baptism. Satan can throw in a last minute bomb sometimes.

On Friday was the birthday of one of the guys that we have been working with. His name is Isaac. At night on  Thursday he told us that his birthday was the next day. We asked if he was going to celebrate then he said he has never celebrated a birthday. So of course we had to do it for him!!! Haha it was fun. Friday morning we baked some chocolate chip cookies. Then we got him an Angry Birds birthday hat from the mall and got him birthday card with a little race car as a present. At the mall the only numbers they had for the candle numbers was 1 to 9. They didn't have a zero!!! And he was turning 20. So we got a 2 and then wrote a zero on it. It was a fun random little party. He enjoyed it. The only problem is that the whole thing messed up our brains for the rest of the day. Haha but at least we got to celebrate Isaac's birthday with him. :)

Displaying IMG_0775.JPG

Saturday we walked waayyy too much. We were at the church in the morning. Then we were going around with our District Leader to get Vincent and Timothy interviewed. And between the interviews we had a couple appointments. Then in the evening we had a dinner with a member. Everything was literally as far away from each other as possible. We walked at least 10 miles, probably more for the day, but both interviews were successful. Then we had a dinner at a member's house. It was sooo amazing! They cooked fantastic food. The downside is that both me and elder Barrett were feeling kinda sick. After we left their house, Elder Barrett threw up and I wasn't feeling to good so we went home a bit early. In the middle of the night I threw up. All night and all Sunday morning both of us were in and out of the bathroom. Then we had to walk 30 minutes to church completely exhausted and tired and during church we still had it. Haha it was crazy!!! By the end of Sunday we were doing better. We went to bed kinda early and even this morning we woke up late. The extra sleep was very needed! Now I feel great!

After church was the baptism of Timothy and Vincent. I made sure Elder Barrett performed the baptism because he had never baptized anyone before and I wanted to be the first one to see him do it. :) He did great and all went well.

Displaying IMG_0784.JPG

Then today we received transfer news and got the biggest surprise of my life!!!!!!!!! So basically they are closing our area here in Kololo.  Both Elder Barrett and I are going together to white wash the same area I was at in Gulu a year ago. How crazy is that!! I am going back to Gulu for my last transfer. And I am still companions with Elder Barrett. This is the first time I have ever seen two companions transferred to the same area together. I am really excited to go back to Gulu. It is going to make these next six weeks fly by like crazy!!! Its going to be amazing.
Since we are both leaving Kampala we decided to celebrate my birthday early with KFC. So today before emailing we went and got lunch at KFC!!!!!! It was sooo stinking good and tasted just like KFC back at home.  It was basically a celebration of the end of Elder Barrett's first transfer, the start of my last transfer, my birthday, and a bunch of other things. So it was justified. I decided it was worth the money :).

Displaying IMG_0789.JPG

Displaying IMG_0787.JPG

So here I am saying goodbye to Kampala. I guess I was never meant to be in the city.. haha I love the village to much! This is going to be a great last transfer. Have a great week everyone.

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Well this week literally started out with a nice April Fools!!

We had zone meeting on Wednesday morning (the 1st of April). It was a great meeting and the zone leaders had me do a training about obedience. I'm pretty sure they had me do it because I am the only one in the zone who has been a zone leader before. Haha, but anyways I didn't want to talk about the importance of being obedient because that is boring and we hear that one all the time. So I decided to talk about how we need to help each other be obedient. It must have been inspired though because the ZLs told me after that that was actually what they wanted me to do. Haha its funny how that works.
Then the rest of the day was supposed to be full of appointments. Literally we had 6 or 7 lessons planned for after the meeting. But April Fools!!! That, of course, didn't happen. Each lesson we had planned and already confirmed in the morning ended up not being available as we went to each of them. So in the between time we tried to go and do a bit of finding things but it was all completely unsuccessful and we didn't get any contacts. Haha, so it was definitely an April fools to remember. Satan sucks sometimes.

After Wednesday the rest of the week went a whole lot better. We were able find a few families and add them to the teaching pool; that was exciting. Then we had two investigators start to show some serious commitment. Their names are Timothy and Vincent. Both are around 20-22 years old and they have been progressing amazingly and will be baptized this coming Sunday. That was an exciting thing to happen because we have been really struggling to get people to progress and come to church the whole transfer. Timothy stays with his parents and siblings so after his baptism we are going to start working with his parents. For now we have just been trying to build a good relationship with the family and then invite everyone to learn about what Timothy has been learning. So hopefully that will be successful. I always love when families come together in the church.

Sunday was of course Easter Sunday and Fast Sunday and General Conference Sunday. Haha, but for us here there was no general conference. I think they said we will be watching it the last weekend of April. Church was great though as usual; many of the testimonies were powerful. Then we got home from church at 3. We broke our fast and ate food. Then went to an investigator at 4 and they fed us an Easter lunch. Then at 5 we went to a member family's house and they also fed us an Easter meal. Haha that last one was sooo hard to finish!!! Three meals all right in a row and with no resting in between all after not eating for a whole day. It was almost like those food challenges that you watch people do on the food channel. It was fun though and worth it. I didn't eat anything today until around 3:00, my stomach was just to full. I love holidays!!!!!!! :)

Displaying IMG_0772.JPG
Easter Sunday meal!

Fun fact. During church I was reading in the bible dictionary about Easter. The name "Easter" has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ!!! In my mind I said "what the heck" the way that Jake always says it. hahahaha I was laughing to myself.

Have a great week everyone.
Love Elder LeCheminant :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

Life Is A Blur

Here we go again,

Life is just a blur right now so I don't really know what to say in this email!

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 Monday when we went to the Uganda National Museum

Displaying IMG_0761.JPG
Uganda National Museum again

On Tuesday this week we had interviews with president Chatfield at the mission home. During the interviews we watched Meet The Mormons!!!!!! It was such a cool movie!! I think its probably one of my new favorite movies. Its amazing how much the gospel blesses the lives of people all around the world.

Also we were able to watch the video for the new Easter campaign. Its called "Because He Lives". That video is just powerful. The church started a YouTube takeover for this whole week up to Easter and that video will be on the front page of YouTube. Its amazing how the church has started using the media and technology soo much more in the last year. Things have changed so much recently!!!

Over the week we were blessed to have a couple of people begin to be serious. One is called Timothy and the other is called Vincent. They have been doing great. We are currently preparing them both for baptism on the 12th April. Hopefully all goes well.

I know this isn't much but my mind is not functioning right now so I really dont' know what else to say. Apologies!!!! :)

But thanks everyone for the love and support that you show me. Have a great week in all that you do. Love you all!!!!

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hard Work and New Investigators

This week seemed like it took forever to get done! But I felt like it was a pretty good week. The week was spent teaching many different people.

On Thursday we worked with one of our Zone Leader's Elder Dlamini; he is from South Africa. I was his District Leader in Gulu and now he is my ZL here. Its cool how that works. We had a great day. We were able finally visit a referral family that we received about a month ago. This family was given to us by a member in the Ntinda Branch. The husband is called Moses and the wife is Florence. They are a young family but the miracle is that they are legally married with papers to prove it!!!!! That never happens. And they are related to a strong member in Ntinda Branch. So we are definitely going to be working hard on them. They are cool people and willing to learn the Gospel. So that was fun. Then there was another guy we met. He was also a referral from one of the guys we work with a lot. His name is Timothy. Timothy was fun to teach. We have now taught him the Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He kept saying that he has made a lot of mistakes. Then we kept saying that following the gospel will help him to overcome those mistakes. He then related an experience where he was praying for forgiveness and he literally felt like a huge weight was being taken off of his shoulders. So we also told him he can always have that feeling as he continues to repent and prepare for baptism. With those two we now have some really promising people. We have a ton of other investigators but they are hard to to get progressing and coming to church. That is one of our biggest challenges here. Getting people to the church. If the church was closer to our area then we could have so many people there. But everyone we teach has to walk for at least 30 to 45 minutes to the church. There is always something that keeps people from coming.

Also something I have been reading in the Book Of Mormon is the story of Ammon in Alma chapters 17 onward. Ammon was incredible. He was able to convert basically an entire nation starting by one simple act of service. He simply spent a few days only serving the king then everyone was converted! It gave me some motivation that anything is possible. Even the high up people that we meet that are nearly impossible to talk to have some small chance of accepting the gospel by something we do. And we will never have it as bad as Ammon did. They wanted to cut his head off! We don't really meet people that want to kill us. So I enjoyed reading that story this week.

Another thing that would be cool for everyone to look at. I was talking to one of the new senior couples today at the mission office. His name is Elder Taylor from Mapleton, UT. He is a cool guy and has a website called He has been going around with a video camera interviewing random people on the streets. Also he has been making a lot of little videos to kinda show how Ugandans live. He has some really cool and inspirational videos. He showed us one today of a Mormon Helping Hands project he recorded a couple weeks ago. I would recommend going to the website and watching the stuff he puts up. It gives a good insight to Ugandan life. Showing how people with basically nothing are some of the most happy people you will meet.

Have a great week everyone. Until next week.
Elder LeCheminant

Monday, March 16, 2015

A New Perspective on The Atonement

This week was awesome! We had some amazing experiences and miracles. Our numbers were down for the week but we both felt that the work we did was way more than what the numbers showed. Everyday was fun and I really felt happy the whole week! The happiness is kinda a mixture of working hard, recognizing miracles, and reflecting on the past 21 months of mission. I recognized that I have had soo many incredible experiences throughout my mission. I love being here soo much and I honestly don't know how I feel about no longer being a missionary in a couple months. This has become my life and I feel like it is the only thing I know how to do now! :) The gospel is about happiness. It doesn't matter what we go through, as long as we are happy. And we find pure and lasting happiness only with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The world offers short term pleasures and things that appear to bring happiness which is one of Satan's greatest lies. We cannot be truly happy unless we are living the gospel.

On Tuesday we were working with our Ward mission leader. His name is Bagazwaga. I know, it is the coolest name ever! He is an awesome guy and came home from his mission in Ghana last year. During one of our lessons he told a story to our investigators that explained the atonement in a whole new way. It had a great impact on me so today for the rest of my email I am just going to put that story.

There was a man with a wife and young son. He worked at a train station that had electric trains passing through. At this particular station the tracks had a lot of different branches and connections. Sometimes the system controlling the position of the tracks would malfunction. On those days the man's job was to hold a switch that would keep the tracks aligned for the incoming train. He would have to keep his hand on the switch or else the tracks would move out of place. So the whole time the train was passing he would be keeping the switch. If he let go then the train would come off the tracks and then crash and the people would all die. It was a very important job. One day as he was at work his wife became very sick and she needed to be taken to the hospital. So she sent their young son to tell him that mommy was sick. As the young boy was approaching the train station he needed to cross the tracks. Unfortunately at the same time there was a train approaching the station. The man saw his only son about to cross the tracks but also knew of the oncoming train. He had a big decision to make. He could run out and save his son, but then the switch would not be activated and the train would crash and all the people inside would die. Or he would have to activate the switch to allow the train to pass but not be able to save his son. The man made his decision. With his hand on the switch he helplessly watched the train pass, killing his only son. Later the passengers were talking to him about this. They offered him anything he wanted for what he did for them. The man told the people, "All I want from you is to always remember me and what I have done." That man was our Heavenly Father. He sacrificed his only son in our behalf. And all he asks of us is to remember him. He stood there watching his only son be beaten and tortured and eventually hung on the cross. He did this to save us and provide a better life for all of us. It is only a small and simple thing that he asks of us, to remember him.

I have a strong testimony of the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is such a sweet and amazing thing. The atonement provides hope for us and gives us a chance to live happy and eventually dwell in the presence of God forever. When you taste of the sweetness of what God has done for us, you will never desire anything less. It is filled with soo much sweetness, purity, joy, happiness, and love. Those words are not even enough to describe it. I am grateful for the Atonement and for all that it has done in my life.

Thank you everyone for all of your support and love that you show to me as I am here. The gospel is true!

Pics are of the baptism of Flora a couple weeks ago. Then me and Elder Barrett and a member having delicious lunch. Then a beautiful stack of pancakes that I made one day!

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Have a great week!
Elder LeCheminant

Monday, March 9, 2015

First Week With the New Comp!

Greetings from Uganda.

This has been a fun week! Transfers were successful as usual.
My new comp is called Elder Barrett. He is from Price, Utah. He is a cool guy. Its fun being with a brand new missionary. It is a totally different experience but I enjoy it so far. We have had a great past couple of days; the work has been progressing well.

Something we have been focusing on a lot with our investigators is the importance of coming to church. We have been having a lot of success with finding new investigators and receiving referrals from everyone, but we are suffering in terms of investigators at Church. So that is a tough one. We are trying to help all of them understand the reasons behind why we go to church every Sunday. I had a lot of hopes that it would work but on Sunday we only had 3 investigators come. It was definitely a trial of faith. We are going to keep doing it this next week. And hopefully we will start to see more people coming to church.

Church on Sunday was awesome. They had it as a "missionary Sunday." So the elders blessed the sacrament and gave talks, etc. I was one of the elders assigned a talk. The topic was from the Feb 2015 Liahona called "The Gate Called Baptism." So I had planned to talk about baptism. I read through the talk a few times and made a few notes. Then when I stood up to speak a very different thing came out! I ended up talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and having faith, repenting, being baptized, receiving the holy ghost, then enduring to the end. I also mixed in the importance of the sacrament! Haha so it was far from just baptism. Its amazing how the spirit just spoils our plans sometimes!!! People said it was a good talk though :)

In Sunday School, Gospel Principles Class, they asked me to teach about 30 seconds before it was starting because the teacher wasn't there. I tried to get out of it but they somehow got me to. So I taught with literally NO preparation!!! It was fun though. The lesson wasn't to hard. It was chapter 9 about prophets.

So the week was great. I enjoyed it. Its been really hot though. Hopefully the rain comes soon to cool things down.

Have a great week everyone. Thanks for all the love and support that you show me as I am here :)

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's A Boy!!!

So this was a much better week. We got a lot more things done even though there was still a lot of disappointments.

We met with our progressing investigator called Flora everyday. She has been coming to church the whole transfer. She was referred by a long time member of the church from another Ward in Kampala so she has really strong support system. We met every day to finish up the teaching process because she was preparing for baptism on Sunday. It was our only baptism for the transfer, so I was pretty happy! She chose me to baptize her but I changed her mind to choose Elder Harmon. He had never baptized someone so I wanted him to have the opportunity while we were still companions. So Elder Harmon was the baptist yesterday for Flora. He was really excited. On Saturday we started the water in the font because the water pressure is super low and it takes forever to fill. Then Sunday morning we got to church and went to check it and the font was full but the water was brown. It was kinda gross. I think there was just some bad water going through the pipes, they said that usually doesn't happen. But we couldn't just drain the whole thing and fill it again, that would take way to much time so we just had to go with it. Then after church as we are preparing for the baptism service to start we went to check the water again and half of it had drained out! I guess there was a problem with the plug for the drain or something. So they were baptizing in like knee high water. There was two other baptisms as well for the other elders. It was an adventure trying to get all three of them all the way under because the water was soo low. The first person took 6 tries. I felt really bad for her. But Elder Harmon and Flora were last so they had figured out a good way to do it. So Flora was done right the first time. It was a powerful baptism service and the ward was really supportive with everything which was nice.

A cool thing happened right before the service. There was a guy who we work with sometimes who received his mission call. His name is Henry. They waited to open it until after church so that many people could be there. Everyone gathered in the chapel. Henry opened his mission call right there. He was called to serve in Zimbabwe. He was so happy the entire time! Then after he read the letter, all of the RM's in the ward (there was like 15) plus us Elders got up and sang Called To Serve. It was powerful and just a fun and happy moment for everyone. It reminded me of when I opened my mission call ages ago! Haha

Also another nice experience for the week. On Friday I received a phone call from Kenneth and Betty. They are the family I taught in Iganga and whose wedding we were able to attend. They were just calling to say hello and tell me how happy they are about life. Kenneth was saying that he had gotten a Bible and a Triple Combination, and he had received the Aaronic Priesthood. He was so happy about all of that. Then Betty was telling me how much her life and family has changed since we began teaching them. It was a nice and short phone call. Afterwards I was super happy as well. Those are the moments that make all of the hard work and stress of mission worth it. I always love getting to talk to my recent converts!

Then today we received transfer news. Elder Harmon is going to Lira. And I am going to be TRAINING!!!!!!!!! Haha that's why the subject line says its a boy.  I am training this transfer. Its like I am getting my very own son. haha. I think his name is Elder Barrett. I don't remember exactly, and they say he is from the states. Elder Harmon is super excited to go to Lira. Me and some other elders have been telling him about it today and trying to scare him a bit. Haha it was all just fun and jokes though. I am just really excited to get to be with a brand new missionary. It is going to be a different experience. I have trained a lot of old missionaries over the last couple years. Now I get to start one off fresh. Hopefully all goes well. I will have more info about that next week.  :) This is my second to last transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote for the week."It is better in a prayer to have heart without words and not words without heart." - a member here.

Enjoy March everyone! Have a great week with all your adventures. I will send pictures next week.

Elder LeCheminafrica

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tough Week

Well this week again was a tough one. I thought it would work out a lot better because of all the referrals, but it didn't.
On Tuesday our District leader Elder Elapu did an exchange. I went with his companion Elder Makuku into their area and he stayed in our area with Elder Harmon. So that was a good day. It was nice to go to another area to work. It was weird being on an exchange when I wasn't the leader conducting it. Every exchange I have been on in over a year was when I was conducting it. But it was a good day working with Elder Makuku. We found a few good people in their area.

Then Wednesday and Thursday turned out pretty good. Friday was when things went downhill. In the morning when we were calling people to confirm appointments literally nobody's phone was available. So we were hoping to find each of them home at our scheduled times. Of course that didn't help either. The same thing happened on Saturday. None of our people we had scheduled were available and we didn't find a single person to teach the whole day.

Sunday was the general session of the Kampala Stake Conference. It was actually an amazing meeting. Saturday was the adult and priesthood sessions. It was all held at the Kololo Chapel so we didn't have to travel at all for the conference. That was nice. Elder Hamilton from ASEA Presidency was there presiding at the conference. He and the Stake President both gave powerful talks about the Book of Mormon and who we are as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. There was over 900 people at the church. It was huge! So that was the highlight of the week.
Even after getting home from the church and having some lunch we tried calling people to go out and teach. Literally nobody was available that evening.  All of them either had their phones off or could only meet later in the week. So we had received tons of referrals and couldn't teach any of them.  So Sunday evening we went to a family home evening with a bunch of members in the area.

I hate sounding down in an email, but this week was tough. It took a lot to keep going each day and get through all of the things not working out. When nothing works out it really affects you physically and mentally. I just hope and pray that this next week we can be able to start teaching all of the referrals that we have received in the last two weeks. This is the last week of the transfer. I want to end it good so that next transfer can start on a good note. The church is true!

Quote of the week that I heard someone say. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." - Anon

Have a fantasmic week everyone! Enjoy the warm weather all around :) Cus here it is really hot!

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rough Week Topped Off With A Miracle

Happy Late Valentines Day!

So this week was kinda tough. Our teaching pool was starting to dwindle and we really struggled to find new investigators. I gained a testimony of how faith works miracles. Basically how it happened was that each day we would plan to find at least one new investigator. It is usually through teaching someone new that we had set an appointment with before or we get a referral from a member.  We usually don't tract because that is discouraging.

So everyday our plans for the day didn't work out. Several appointments would fall through each day and then we would suddenly have two or three hours of nothing to do. Our option would either be to sit and rest for a while or go try to find someone. Each time we would try to find someone, we would be unsuccessful. It was really discouraging on my side by the end of the week. I felt terrible about myself, but we kept going to work and doing what we could. The miracle came on Sunday; we had received 11 referrals throughout the week and 6 of them were on Sunday! I was amazed. So Sunday we were just handed tons of new people to teach that we will be starting with this next week. I felt so happy. God is willing to bless us only when we show our faith and go to work. I believe that because we didn't quit and continued pushing through each day God saw how much we wanted new people and then he just handed us 11 all at once! Its crazy how that works.

So that was my learning adventure this week!

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, February 9, 2015

Powerful Confirmation of the Lord's Prophet

So this one will be short because I don't really have much to write about. The week was just a solid week of going out and teaching all day, and sweating like crazy because its super hot during the middle of the day! So nothing really interesting happened.

A cool experience to me was church yesterday. It was pretty awesome! We had Ward Conference and there was tons of people there. They had to open the overflow curtains in the back! That was weird. I forgot there was even such thing as an overflow. Haha. I had a pretty cool spiritual experience at the beginning of Sacrament Meeting. One of the Stake Presidency was doing all of the sustaining of church leaders like they normally do for Ward/Stake Conference. He started off with the sustaining of President Monson; something happened to me that has only happened a few times. As he read the name 'Thomas S. Monson' and proposed to sustain him as our Prophet, Seer, and Revelator, time seemed to slow down. I listened to every individual word he spoke and then looked around and watched every individual hand raise up. This all kinda happened in slow motion, and as everyone's hand was up I felt a powerful something right in my chest. It was strange and amazing. I instantly recognized it as the spirit confirming to me that President Monson truly is the Lord's Prophet for us today. As they went through the rest of the sustaining everything was just normal. It was an experience that lasted just a few seconds but I will remember it forever. I was debating whether or not to share that with everyone, but I felt like I should. :)

I also got a small letter/package thing from Brother and Sister West. Thanks for that! It was nice to read all the little notes from different people there. Except for yours mom. All it said was "Love Mom". Wow! Haha, kidding.

One simple request. Its been a while since I got pictures from anyone. I love pictures! So please send a few if you can. Thanks :)

That's all for now! Thanks everyone for all the love and support. I really appreciate it. Quote of the week is Ether 12:27. Read it! :)

Love Elder LeCheminant

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Trip to Jinja For A Wedding!

This week was a pretty great week. Lots of good things happened and cool experiences. First of all, I made a mistake last week. I said that Elder Harmon was from Sacramento. Actually he is from the San Francisco Bay area. So I thought it would be good to clear that up. Haha!

Tuesday was our zone conference. It was at the mission home. Cool thing is that the mission home is kinda in our area, we walk past it when we go to the church. Anyway, the zone conference was amazing. We got there 45 minutes early so we could have time to just chill until it started. So we also got about 30 minutes to just sit and chat with President Chatfield. I love every opportunity I have to just talk with him, he has the best stories. The zone conference was all about Unity and we did a bunch of activities to learn about building Unity in the companionship. I was reminded of some past things I used to do that I haven't done for a while :).

During the week we made some good progress. We set three baptism dates with some investigators and found an amazing family!!! We had just finished visiting a recent convert and as we started walking down the road this guy just randomly came and stopped us. His name is Moris. He said he had been visited by missionaries a long time ago and really wanted us to come visit him and his wife. So, of course, we agreed! The best way to find someone is when they bring themselves to you. :) We visited him and his wife and they were so focused in the lesson it was just amazing. After teaching about Joseph Smith we asked Moris what he understood about Joseph Smith to kinda check if he was really paying attention. He told us perfectly about the First Vision and Restoration of the Church. It was awesome because that doesn't happen very often. Moris even came to church early on Sunday and was intently listening in all three meetings. His wife didn't come to church becaue she had to stay home to take care of their small baby. So that is a cool family that is very promising.

Then Saturday we went to Jinja!!!!!! There was a family in Iganga that Elder Mkutswana and I were teaching for about three months. I think I told you about them; it is the family of Kenneth and Betty and they were getting married on Saturday in Jinja. Well at zone conference I asked President Chatfield if we could go and attend the wedding, he said it was ok this time but he usually wouldn't let us go. :) So we got kinda lucky and were able to go. I was soo excited! Saturday morning we went to Jinja. Elder Harmon was super excited to see some more of Uganda because he has only seen Kampala. It was funny watching him as we drove over the Nile River. Anyway, we got to the Jinja chapel at around 12:30. The wedding was supposed to start at 2:00, but the group from Iganga didn't show up till 2:00. So of course it started late. Elder Mkutswana didn't tell anyone that I was coming because I wanted it to be a surprise.  When they all got there we stood at the door but I stood in a way that they couldn't see me until they were inside. As soon as they saw me they all freaked out and came and hugged me to death. I know we aren't supposed to hug, but I wasn't hugging, I was being hugged! haha :) Some of the Iganga members were soo happy to see me especially the Elders Quorum President and Relief Society President. It was fun to see my people from Iganga. Then the wedding started around 3:00. It was a beautiful simple ceremony. They asked me about 2 minutes before the ceremony started to give a short talk about marriage. They thought it would be extra special for me to do it because I had come all the way from Kampala. So I quickly looked up some scriptures and made a few notes in my planner, then the Branch President gave some opening remarks and said like 75% of the things I had planned to say and everything I had prepared in 2 minutes was useless. So when I was giving my marriage talk it was literally pulled out of nowhere right there! haha. But afterwards everyone said I did a good job. It was just a fun and happy experience. That was the only couple that I was able to be a part of getting married, it was a happy moment for me. I love Iganga. The members there were soo awesome. Afterwards we had to take a taxi back to Kampala. It was miserable. It was hot and packed and took an hour longer than usual because of evening traffic. We didn't get home until about 7:30 and I was just exhausted. It was worth it though. We got some beautiful pictures.

Displaying IMG_0543.JPG

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Kololo is a great area. I am adjusting slowly and learning the area, it has a ton of potential. We are working on just building our teaching pool and getting it to be consistent because that was a problem for the past elders in this area. Things are happening though and we had a ton of referrals and investigators at church on Sunday. I also finished reading the Book of Mormon. We had started a 3 month challenge the first of November. A lot of the missionaries didnt' take it seriously but I did and finished it by the end of the three months. It was a great sense of accomplishment to finish it again. Now I want to finish it at least one more time before the end of my mission. The Book of Mormon is amazing!!!!

Today we went to the mission office because we had nothing else to do. I got some letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were my first letters in almost a year! So that was exciting. They were from Brother and Sister Scoresby and Sister West. SO thanks for those. It was nice to receive those letters. Then I got a package from Rebecca which was exciting. I haven't opened it yet but will tonight. So thanks Rebecca! You're the best :) All of those were sent before Christmas and just got here. It was nice because today I had Christmas all over again! :)

Pics are from the wedding. Some with the couple, some with me, elder Mutswana and his new companion, elder Sherwood. And some for the ladies... :) hahahaha

That's all for now. Until next week.
Elder LeCheminant the elder

Monday, January 26, 2015

A Whole Lot of Changes

So this week was a week of a whole lot of changes.
First of all my new companion is called Elder Harmon. He is from California in the Sacramento area. This is his second transfer so I am finishing off the new missionary training program with him.

On Tuesday we spent the day going all over the place saying goodbye to people and doing some important things. I really hate saying goodbye to people. I have grown to love the people in Iganga so much and it was almost worse than leaving AK to come to Uganda! Sorry, mom. I honestly felt at home in Iganga. The members are amazing there and I will especially miss the families we were teaching. It was a hectic day trying to say goodbye to as many people as possible. There were even a few that we didn't see. :(

Wednesday was transfer day. I finished up packing in the morning and then we left at around 10:00. We made a quick stop in Bugembe so I could say goodbye to the Elders there and to Mpumudde to pick up an Elder who was transferred. Then we were on the way to Kampala. It was weird knowing that I was driving to Kampala for the last time! After reaching the Ntinda house I had like 10 minutes to talk to some other Elders, then the zone leaders for the Kololo zone needed to go. I quickly threw my stuff in their truck and we were gone. It happened soo fast! I was dropped off in my area with Elder Harmon at around 3:00. It is only he and I in the house; the rest of our district stays in a different house. The District is 6 elders. Our house is sooooooo nice! I feel like I am in a hotel. There is a real shower, sliding doors that go out to a balcony thing, a nice pantry in the kitchen, good water pressure, etc.. I have been in the village for too long! The area is really nice as well. There is soo many people. I can guess probably hundreds of thousands of people in our area alone. We live kinda close to a shopping mall called Acacia Mall. We went in there today and I was shocked out of my mind. It was a real mall with a parking garage underneath, elevators, nice little stores inside, etc. They had a food court at the top with nice fast food restaurants. We went there to eat. I felt soo extremely out of place. My mind was lost and I kinda felt a little sick to my stomach. It was soo strange and foreign to me.

Another crazy thing was church yesterday. The Kololo Ward meets in the Stake Center for the Kampala sSake. It is a beautiful church constructed building. As we showed up for church I expected the chapel to be normal tile on the floor with soft chairs. Haha, well that is normal for Uganda. My mind was blown away as I walked in and saw nice CARPET on the floor and BENCHES. Whoa!!! Carpet and benches were so foreign. I forgot how good it feels to walk on carpet. Haha. Church was amazing and organized and run the proper way that it should. It was so nice for me because most of the Branches I have been in rely a lot on the missionaries because they are so new. I was just there enjoying all of the lessons with no worries at all!

Now I am sure everyone who is reading this is probably laughing their heads off right now. But honestly all of these things are soo foreign to the village life that I love and miss.
We also have to walk every where because we don't have a vehicle! Last night we went to visit a family that took us 1 HOUR to walk to! It was soo far and the rest of the area is massive so we walk a ton!

The lesson in Elders Quorum was amazing and I was inspired. We went through a story from the OCT 2014 Liahona called "Upon the Top of the Waters". It is amazing and inspirational stories about trials in life. The author tells about some personal struggles he has and then finds strength from the story of the Jaredites in Ether chapter 6. The Jaredites had to cross the ocean in barges. The waves and the wind would be so intense that sometimes they would submerge under the water for a while. Then after faith and prayers they were able to come back to the top of the water. An interesting incite is about the wind and the waves. It says that the wind never stopped blowing them towards the promised land. If the wind was not there they would never have reached the promised land. We can compare the wind and waves to our trials in life. Sometimes we complain about our situation and ask God to take away our trials; but for the Jaredites would have never made it to their destination without the wind. For us, we will never make it to our destination of being a true son or daughter of God and to live with him without our trials. So instead of complaining and praying for our trials to go away, we should pray for them to come and for the strength to endure. We cannot grow and progress in life without things going wrong a few times. I love the way the author ends the story. He says "But if and when the tempest returns, I will call upon the Lord and be thankful, knowing that calm seas don’t carry barges to the promised land—stormy seas do." I just felt like sharing that with everyone. Personally it was a life changing lesson. :)

Kale bassebo ni bannyabo. Tulabagana next week! :)

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer #15 (!!!)

So an eventful week went by just like that.
On Tuesday we did an exchange with Mpumudde. I took the DL Elder Oliphant to my area and Elder Mkutswana stayed in Mpumudde. Elder Oliphant and I had a nice day together. Every lesson we had but one was with a family! In the evening we met with the family of Rubanga and set baptism dates with the mom and a few of the kids who were there. So they will be preparing for February.

On Wednesday we had an adventure driving around the area. We found a path that leads from one village we go to to another village. Its shorter than driving back to town and then to the other village. The path cut was just beautiful! Its soo beautiful driving through the villages here. I say path because it wasn't really a road. It was a footpath that has been driven on a few times so we didn't feel bad driving on it. :)

Then Thursday our district leader did a surprise exchange on us. So I was working with Elder Chinunda for the day. He is from Tanzania. We had a good day except I got sick. I think it was something I ate for lunch. It wasn't anything weird. Just plain old rice and beans, but we ate at a local restaurant so it might have not been clean.  I seriously felt like I was going to die. Then after that I got a few hours of sleep. Friday I was super weak and was down the whole day. I just layed on a mattress on the floor the whole day sipping apple juice. It was pretty miserable, but by Saturday I was better. It was the first time I had been sick like that!! I hope it doesn't happen again.

Today we got transfer news. I am now on my 15th transfer. Only three left. The surprise is that I am being transferred to Kololo. I will be finishing up the training of Elder Harmon. This will be his 2nd transfer. Kololo is in Kampala, and the chapel is actually the Stake Center for the Kampala Stake. Its going to be super weird for me being in a Ward and in a constructed building! And in Kampala. I am going to miss the village. I decided that I am a villager. Even at home I am a villager. Where we live in AK is basically the village!!!!!!!!!!! I was also released as a Zone Leader, so that means I wont be driving anymore. Goodbye Kirby!!!!! (Kirby is the name we gave the truck here in Iganga). So a whole new adventure awaits. I feel like I am leaving my home. Iganga has become my home. I love the members and the Branch here more than anything and I am probably going to cry when we drive to Kampala on Wednesday.

That's all for the week!

Elder LeCheminant

Monday, January 12, 2015

Only 3 Months Left!

So this week was a good one with its usual ups and downs. I feel like there's not much to report on though.

One cool thing is that on Tuesday we went with the Branch president to visit an investigator family. We have been teaching a husband and wife for about a month. The holiday season kinda disrupted their progression but now things are back to normal and they are progressing nicely. It is Kenneth and Betty. They have been together for about 6 years and have a cute little girl. The problem is that they aren't legally married. So we took the Branch Pres with us to talk about planning a wedding. We set a marriage date for the 31st of January. They were both super excited about finally getting to be married. The only worry is that Betty's family could possibly come and ruin everything for us, but we are praying that they will endure Satan's attempts to destroy the family. They are great people that found the church just by walking in one day. This will be my first family to prepare for marriage since coming on mission. Every other family I have taught and baptized were either already married before or marriage wasnt an issue. So I am super excited to finally prepare a wedding. The only downside is that the 31st of Jan is in next transfer. I have been here for 5 transfers now so I am doubting I will stay again. I hope I do stay again though to see them get married and also to finish a bunch of other things we got started in the Branch.

One thing my companion and I recognized yesterday is that the Iganga Branch is really growing a ton! When I came to this area back in June last year, the average sacrament attendance was 80. Over the last month the average attendance has gone to 110. Since November, on our side we have had an average of 12 investigators at church each sunday and around 10 progressing. So things are going great. I love this area. I am nervous for what is happening in the next transfer though. This week is week 6 so next monday we will know what is happening for the next transfer. I only have 3 left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, another cool thing that happened was with another investigator family. The father is Rubanga and the wife is Irene and they have 7 kids. They were referred to us from the Branch president. Rubanga had a stroke about a year ago and so he has been sick for a long time. The doctors said he just needs to sit at home and let his body recover on its own. Well as the last year went by his left side continued getting weaker and weaker until now he is almost immobile on the left side of his body. So we took our new EQP, his name is Kiiza, to visit this family. He has been working with us a lot recently and is a fantastic fellowshipper. Well he surprised us by saying he was trained in Physical Therapy. He offered to help Rubanga as a service so we took him to Rubanga's house and Kiiza is now doing physical therapy for him to bring strength back into the muscles. We started on tuesday. After Kiiza explained the whole process of therapy we gave him a blessing. He chose me to bless and I really felt like I was guided by the spirit in that blessing. Afterwards Rubanga was extremely grateful for everything we are doing for him to the point of almost tears. I felt soo much pure joy in my heart for being able to a part of his life and to serve him. It is only one individual, but it will affect his whole family and even future generations. The wife and a few kids have been coming to church so we are going to start focusing on them and preparing them for baptism.

Enjoy the week everyone!
Love Elder LeCheminant

Monday, January 5, 2015

Moral of the Story: DON'T LEAVE CHURCH EARLY

Hello once again. I feel like I was just here. Its all becoming a blur. I don't even realize what is going on with the days anymore.
This week was an interesting one. We had a lot of crazy things happen. Today I am just super tired and exhausted from everything we went through in the week. But I endured and we survived.

On Tuesday morning we had a meeting with the Relief Society presidency to start preparing the Branch mission plan for this year. We had an amazing meeting. Those sisters are powerful. We spent an hour discussing different needs and goals and things. The spirit was there. Something that I learned is that men are nothing compared to a woman. I don't want anyone to get offended by that, but you can't deny that a woman's spiritual stature is just enormous compared to a man's! Its amazing how a lot of women in the world just sit back and let the men try and fail at whatever they set out to do; then they offer a bit of advice and watch the men try to do it again. They just sit back and watch when they could just do everything themselves. Men are given the Priesthood so they can at least have a chance to reach the spiritual stature of a woman. I love women :) The world would be even more lost than it is if there was no women!

Haha anyways, that was random. The meeting was amazing.

Wednesday we spent the entire day in Bugembe. In the morning time we had our Zone Meeting. It was a great meeting and everyone participated in everything we discussed. Then we were supposed to have a small new years celebration for like 30 minutes after the meeting, but it failed. We left it up to all the District Leaders in the zone to get it organized. Yea, it didn't work out. So everyone was confused what was going on and we ended up sitting around and then going to lunch. Around 4:00 President Chatfield and the assistants came. President was interviewing all the missionaries. During the interviews the assistants were doing some training on teaching the Plan of Salvation. We practiced teaching in simplicity so the spirit can testify of the truth of the message and so the time in the lesson can be reduced. It was a powerful and spiritual meeting. My companion and I were inspired and put everything into practice immediately.

Thursday was of course New Years! It was an interesting day. In the morning we got a call from a member that our Elders Quorum President died Wednesday evening. That was a shock. He was still young and had many ambitions in life. But he apparently was really sick with internal things for a long time and never told anyone. So it got him this week. The Branch did a fantastic job preparing for the funeral. We went to the church after studies & planning to go somewhere, but the members were busy taking chairs and stuff from the church to take to the family's house for the funeral service. Our plans instantly changed and we helped with all of that for most of the day. We felt it would do more good to help with the funeral than to go about our plans for the day. So it was just a different day.

Friday was the funeral service. It started around 2:00 when it was supposed to start around 12:00. And then it went on for hours and hours. I was amazed at how many people were there. I guessed probably 500 or 600 people attended. Family members, friends, random people that stayed around, and then the members from the Branch. We endured. It was so weird to see him in the casket when just last Sunday he was at church and seemed completely fine. Life is just full of surprises!

On Saturday we did a bit of contacting in the morning at the church. It was nice and we contacted some cool people. Not sure now how well they will progress though. One lesson was with the father of a recent convert family; he is still an investigator and he doesn't' know English very well so we have to teach with a member translating. We taught the restoration, then afterwards the family had prepared some food that we had to eat. When we left the house and looked at the time, we realized that it had only been 45 minutes since the lesson started. We taught the entire Restoration lesson through a translator and ate food all in 45 minutes!!! That was a miracle. I was amazed we were able to do that. It helps so much to just teach simple and basic principles and not deep Doctrine. Haha!!! :)

Sunday was crazy. Church was great as usual. We had a member get a goat for us the previous day. We were planning to go and pick it up from their house after church. Well they showed up to church with the goat! We weren't to comfortable keeping a goat in front of the church, worrying about what people would think. So we decided to just put it in the truck and take it home real quick then come back to the church. So as soon as Sacrament meeting finished we went to take the goat home. When we were almost to the house, there was a boda-boda that turned in front of us. I didn't see him coming, but my companion warned me. It was too late. I tried my best to slam on the brakes and avoid a crash. We slowed down just enough to knock the boda down with its passenger. There was a bit of damage on the motorcycle, not really too much. And the passenger had a few minor bruises from hitting the ground. Luckily it happened right next to a police post, so the police came to help us. What should have been a quick and easy problem to solve turned into something that lasted about 6 hours! A lot of arguing back and forth for hours with everyone trying to get as much money out of us as possible. Eventually we agreed to take the driver and passenger to a clinic to get checked out. We covered their treatment and then the boda left. Only 6 hours later. We got home at around 6:00. it happened around 11:30. So we missed the rest of church and some appointments afterwards and some members got super worried about us. It was stressful and really exhausting. Everything is ok now though! The moral of the story is DON'T LEAVE CHURCH EARLY.

Today for Pday we had a zone activity. The goat that caused all the chaos yesterday was eaten today. We cut it up and cooked it with a bunch of other things. Everyone in the zone participated in all the cooking. It was fun and was a great way to build unity. We had goat, chappatis, pilau, stew with goat meat and potatoes and stuff, then I made some chocolate chip cookies and a cake. it was all super delicious!!!!!!!! We had a great time. But it was also exhausting and I am really tired right now.
BTW, we are not required to kill chickens and goats on mission! That is just a side activity that we wanted to do and we had to sacrifice our own money for it. Most of the other missionaries in the mission don't do it, but its just a cool experience. So I am sorry if I offended anyone with those stories.

Elder and Sister Squire said that they have a blog. They update it every week and apparently I am in a lot of the things from that past couple weeks. Their blog is So if your interested, check it out! They were with us today when we were doing all the cooking and said they would put it on the blog next week.

Congrats to all the returned missionaries and new missionaries. It seems like there was a lot of those this week.

My toe is doing fine. I am still putting antibiotic ointment and band aids on it. I hope I can stop soon. Its annoying to have to do that.

Have a great week all! Love you :)
Elder LeCheminant