Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfer #15 (!!!)

So an eventful week went by just like that.
On Tuesday we did an exchange with Mpumudde. I took the DL Elder Oliphant to my area and Elder Mkutswana stayed in Mpumudde. Elder Oliphant and I had a nice day together. Every lesson we had but one was with a family! In the evening we met with the family of Rubanga and set baptism dates with the mom and a few of the kids who were there. So they will be preparing for February.

On Wednesday we had an adventure driving around the area. We found a path that leads from one village we go to to another village. Its shorter than driving back to town and then to the other village. The path cut was just beautiful! Its soo beautiful driving through the villages here. I say path because it wasn't really a road. It was a footpath that has been driven on a few times so we didn't feel bad driving on it. :)

Then Thursday our district leader did a surprise exchange on us. So I was working with Elder Chinunda for the day. He is from Tanzania. We had a good day except I got sick. I think it was something I ate for lunch. It wasn't anything weird. Just plain old rice and beans, but we ate at a local restaurant so it might have not been clean.  I seriously felt like I was going to die. Then after that I got a few hours of sleep. Friday I was super weak and was down the whole day. I just layed on a mattress on the floor the whole day sipping apple juice. It was pretty miserable, but by Saturday I was better. It was the first time I had been sick like that!! I hope it doesn't happen again.

Today we got transfer news. I am now on my 15th transfer. Only three left. The surprise is that I am being transferred to Kololo. I will be finishing up the training of Elder Harmon. This will be his 2nd transfer. Kololo is in Kampala, and the chapel is actually the Stake Center for the Kampala Stake. Its going to be super weird for me being in a Ward and in a constructed building! And in Kampala. I am going to miss the village. I decided that I am a villager. Even at home I am a villager. Where we live in AK is basically the village!!!!!!!!!!! I was also released as a Zone Leader, so that means I wont be driving anymore. Goodbye Kirby!!!!! (Kirby is the name we gave the truck here in Iganga). So a whole new adventure awaits. I feel like I am leaving my home. Iganga has become my home. I love the members and the Branch here more than anything and I am probably going to cry when we drive to Kampala on Wednesday.

That's all for the week!

Elder LeCheminant

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