Monday, January 12, 2015

Only 3 Months Left!

So this week was a good one with its usual ups and downs. I feel like there's not much to report on though.

One cool thing is that on Tuesday we went with the Branch president to visit an investigator family. We have been teaching a husband and wife for about a month. The holiday season kinda disrupted their progression but now things are back to normal and they are progressing nicely. It is Kenneth and Betty. They have been together for about 6 years and have a cute little girl. The problem is that they aren't legally married. So we took the Branch Pres with us to talk about planning a wedding. We set a marriage date for the 31st of January. They were both super excited about finally getting to be married. The only worry is that Betty's family could possibly come and ruin everything for us, but we are praying that they will endure Satan's attempts to destroy the family. They are great people that found the church just by walking in one day. This will be my first family to prepare for marriage since coming on mission. Every other family I have taught and baptized were either already married before or marriage wasnt an issue. So I am super excited to finally prepare a wedding. The only downside is that the 31st of Jan is in next transfer. I have been here for 5 transfers now so I am doubting I will stay again. I hope I do stay again though to see them get married and also to finish a bunch of other things we got started in the Branch.

One thing my companion and I recognized yesterday is that the Iganga Branch is really growing a ton! When I came to this area back in June last year, the average sacrament attendance was 80. Over the last month the average attendance has gone to 110. Since November, on our side we have had an average of 12 investigators at church each sunday and around 10 progressing. So things are going great. I love this area. I am nervous for what is happening in the next transfer though. This week is week 6 so next monday we will know what is happening for the next transfer. I only have 3 left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, another cool thing that happened was with another investigator family. The father is Rubanga and the wife is Irene and they have 7 kids. They were referred to us from the Branch president. Rubanga had a stroke about a year ago and so he has been sick for a long time. The doctors said he just needs to sit at home and let his body recover on its own. Well as the last year went by his left side continued getting weaker and weaker until now he is almost immobile on the left side of his body. So we took our new EQP, his name is Kiiza, to visit this family. He has been working with us a lot recently and is a fantastic fellowshipper. Well he surprised us by saying he was trained in Physical Therapy. He offered to help Rubanga as a service so we took him to Rubanga's house and Kiiza is now doing physical therapy for him to bring strength back into the muscles. We started on tuesday. After Kiiza explained the whole process of therapy we gave him a blessing. He chose me to bless and I really felt like I was guided by the spirit in that blessing. Afterwards Rubanga was extremely grateful for everything we are doing for him to the point of almost tears. I felt soo much pure joy in my heart for being able to a part of his life and to serve him. It is only one individual, but it will affect his whole family and even future generations. The wife and a few kids have been coming to church so we are going to start focusing on them and preparing them for baptism.

Enjoy the week everyone!
Love Elder LeCheminant

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