Monday, April 13, 2015

The Beginning of the End - Last Transfer!

So this week was a pretty good week. We finished off the transfer on a good note of 2 baptisms!!! Yay

Most of the week is a blur as usual. The two who were baptized was Timothy and Vincent. They are both awesome. We visited them everyday to make sure everything went right during their last week of preparing for baptism. Satan can throw in a last minute bomb sometimes.

On Friday was the birthday of one of the guys that we have been working with. His name is Isaac. At night on  Thursday he told us that his birthday was the next day. We asked if he was going to celebrate then he said he has never celebrated a birthday. So of course we had to do it for him!!! Haha it was fun. Friday morning we baked some chocolate chip cookies. Then we got him an Angry Birds birthday hat from the mall and got him birthday card with a little race car as a present. At the mall the only numbers they had for the candle numbers was 1 to 9. They didn't have a zero!!! And he was turning 20. So we got a 2 and then wrote a zero on it. It was a fun random little party. He enjoyed it. The only problem is that the whole thing messed up our brains for the rest of the day. Haha but at least we got to celebrate Isaac's birthday with him. :)

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Saturday we walked waayyy too much. We were at the church in the morning. Then we were going around with our District Leader to get Vincent and Timothy interviewed. And between the interviews we had a couple appointments. Then in the evening we had a dinner with a member. Everything was literally as far away from each other as possible. We walked at least 10 miles, probably more for the day, but both interviews were successful. Then we had a dinner at a member's house. It was sooo amazing! They cooked fantastic food. The downside is that both me and elder Barrett were feeling kinda sick. After we left their house, Elder Barrett threw up and I wasn't feeling to good so we went home a bit early. In the middle of the night I threw up. All night and all Sunday morning both of us were in and out of the bathroom. Then we had to walk 30 minutes to church completely exhausted and tired and during church we still had it. Haha it was crazy!!! By the end of Sunday we were doing better. We went to bed kinda early and even this morning we woke up late. The extra sleep was very needed! Now I feel great!

After church was the baptism of Timothy and Vincent. I made sure Elder Barrett performed the baptism because he had never baptized anyone before and I wanted to be the first one to see him do it. :) He did great and all went well.

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Then today we received transfer news and got the biggest surprise of my life!!!!!!!!! So basically they are closing our area here in Kololo.  Both Elder Barrett and I are going together to white wash the same area I was at in Gulu a year ago. How crazy is that!! I am going back to Gulu for my last transfer. And I am still companions with Elder Barrett. This is the first time I have ever seen two companions transferred to the same area together. I am really excited to go back to Gulu. It is going to make these next six weeks fly by like crazy!!! Its going to be amazing.
Since we are both leaving Kampala we decided to celebrate my birthday early with KFC. So today before emailing we went and got lunch at KFC!!!!!! It was sooo stinking good and tasted just like KFC back at home.  It was basically a celebration of the end of Elder Barrett's first transfer, the start of my last transfer, my birthday, and a bunch of other things. So it was justified. I decided it was worth the money :).

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So here I am saying goodbye to Kampala. I guess I was never meant to be in the city.. haha I love the village to much! This is going to be a great last transfer. Have a great week everyone.

Elder LeCheminant

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