Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Well this week literally started out with a nice April Fools!!

We had zone meeting on Wednesday morning (the 1st of April). It was a great meeting and the zone leaders had me do a training about obedience. I'm pretty sure they had me do it because I am the only one in the zone who has been a zone leader before. Haha, but anyways I didn't want to talk about the importance of being obedient because that is boring and we hear that one all the time. So I decided to talk about how we need to help each other be obedient. It must have been inspired though because the ZLs told me after that that was actually what they wanted me to do. Haha its funny how that works.
Then the rest of the day was supposed to be full of appointments. Literally we had 6 or 7 lessons planned for after the meeting. But April Fools!!! That, of course, didn't happen. Each lesson we had planned and already confirmed in the morning ended up not being available as we went to each of them. So in the between time we tried to go and do a bit of finding things but it was all completely unsuccessful and we didn't get any contacts. Haha, so it was definitely an April fools to remember. Satan sucks sometimes.

After Wednesday the rest of the week went a whole lot better. We were able find a few families and add them to the teaching pool; that was exciting. Then we had two investigators start to show some serious commitment. Their names are Timothy and Vincent. Both are around 20-22 years old and they have been progressing amazingly and will be baptized this coming Sunday. That was an exciting thing to happen because we have been really struggling to get people to progress and come to church the whole transfer. Timothy stays with his parents and siblings so after his baptism we are going to start working with his parents. For now we have just been trying to build a good relationship with the family and then invite everyone to learn about what Timothy has been learning. So hopefully that will be successful. I always love when families come together in the church.

Sunday was of course Easter Sunday and Fast Sunday and General Conference Sunday. Haha, but for us here there was no general conference. I think they said we will be watching it the last weekend of April. Church was great though as usual; many of the testimonies were powerful. Then we got home from church at 3. We broke our fast and ate food. Then went to an investigator at 4 and they fed us an Easter lunch. Then at 5 we went to a member family's house and they also fed us an Easter meal. Haha that last one was sooo hard to finish!!! Three meals all right in a row and with no resting in between all after not eating for a whole day. It was almost like those food challenges that you watch people do on the food channel. It was fun though and worth it. I didn't eat anything today until around 3:00, my stomach was just to full. I love holidays!!!!!!! :)

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Easter Sunday meal!

Fun fact. During church I was reading in the bible dictionary about Easter. The name "Easter" has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ!!! In my mind I said "what the heck" the way that Jake always says it. hahahaha I was laughing to myself.

Have a great week everyone.
Love Elder LeCheminant :)

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