Monday, April 27, 2015

John Kennedy and Chasing Chameleons

Howdy do
Life is good. We spent the week just working and trying our best. We ended the week with 3 investigators. The finding ideas we used in Kampala obviously don't work here, so this next week we will be trying to come up with some different finding ideas. Its going to need some creativity for my non-creative brain!!!! But I am sure we will be able to do it.

We have a father and son that were taught by the previous elders here. The dad is called John and his son is called Kennedy. On our list we put them together as John Kennedy. Yea it was funny because we didnt' realize it until after like 10 minutes!! Anyways they would have been baptized a few weeks ago but there was some confusion with John and plural marriage. The story was really confusing because everyone was saying different things. Even he had met with President Chatfield a few weeks ago and they talked about it, but there was still some confusion. So yesterday we talked to John and got the whole story out of him. Then we talked to President Chatfield today and it turns out it was never polygamy in the first place and he said we can baptize him! So this weekend we should be having two baptisms. Yaya :) They are awesome.

Gulu is a beautiful place. I think God is a show off sometimes. Gulu is mostly flat. Then there are parts of our area where we can see out for miles and then a few random hills in the distance and it is just beautiful. I can't think of any better place to serve as a missionary than here in Gulu. To everyone else in the world, your missions are probably nice, but nothing compares to Uganda!!!!! Hehe :) A few days ago we found a snake on the road in front of the church. It was just a little teeny one though, Like barely a foot long. Then also few days back there was a chameleon crossing the road. We tried grabbing but it ran into a bush. Then we chased it around this little bush for like 10 minutes until I eventually caught it! Then Elder Barrett wanted to hold it. As soon as he grabbed it the whole body turned black and it was trying to bite him!! Haha it was hilarious because on my hand it was totally calm. That was random... On Saturday evening we ate a duck for dinner. One of my recent converts here was so excited to see me again that she wanted to give me a duck. So of course we accepted and she cooked it for us on Saturday with other local foods. It tasted better than chicken. The meat was really soft and delicious. I forgot to take a picture of the duck though so that is just now a long lost memory..

Today we had Zone Conference. It was originally scheduled for tomorrow but some things happened and they changed the plans and we had it today. It was pretty awesome. My last zone conference.! At the end I gave my farewell testimony. That was kinda strange. I felt like it was just another zone conference and that I still have like the rest of my life here as a missionary. The conference was all about using time wisely and about effective daily planning. There was a lot of things we could improve on with daily planning. It will help me though these next few weeks to use all of the time most effectively.

Have a fantastic week everyone. Choose the right. The gospel is true.
Elder LeCheminant

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