Monday, May 4, 2015


Well this will be a bit short. But we had a fantastic week. We applied everything we learned in the zone conference last Monday. And as a result we were able to hit most of our goals for the week and we were able to find a couple new families. We did a lot of tracting. That was kinda weird for me because the last time I seriously tracted was before I left Gulu last year. I never tracted in Iganga or Kololo. All of the people we taught in Iganga and Kololo were mostly through referrals or other contacts. But here in Gulu tracting has been the better option. And we were able to find some new families!!!

When we started on Tuesday I turned to Elder Barrett and said ok now its your time. You get to lead. I will be behind you to help out. Then his eyes went huge!!! Haha it was pretty funny. He was super nervous being the one in front approaching people and knocking on doors. I just sat back and enjoyed and then helped out when he was stuck. There was a few times he struggled to keep a conversation and it was getting really awkward so I had to save it. But as the week went on he got better and better. Our plan is to have a three hour block of tracting every day in the evening time.

Saturday was the baptism of John and Kennedy. They are amazing. We had them interviewed on Friday and then the baptism was Saturday afternoon. It was kinda weird have the baptism on a Saturday. I am used to having them on Sundays after church. But it was good and went well. I ended up being the one conducting like very last minute. Literally as we were about to start, the Branch President called me up to conduct. Haha, so I literally had no time to put together the program because I thought the Branch President had done it. So I acted like I was already planning to conduct and then just made it up as I went. It worked out very well and I don't think anyone knew that I had nothing planned. Haha but next time I am going to make sure that a program is put together before the baptism service starts. Elder Barrett baptized both of them. Then on Sunday they both chose me to confirm them. I tried avoiding it but it didn't work so I ended up doing the confirmations.

So that was basically the week. Pretty dang exciting that dads cousins son got his mission call to Uganda. The mission of missions!!! :)
Oh yea a funny from today. We were in town getting stuff figured out with SIM cards for calling home next week. Then the guy at the shop who was helping us tried saying my name. And he said 'Lechestament'. Hahahahahaha I laughed soo hard! I think it was a first that can be added to the list.

Have a great week! 3 weeks left :)

Elder LeCheminant

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