Monday, May 11, 2015

Mission Countdown and General Conference

We had a pretty great week this week. Every day was just full of solid work. We focused on being consistent throughout the week and were able to hit all of our goals except like 2 or 3. We have been focusing a lot on finding each day. We have a set time of three hours everyday to tract and it has been very successful. We have been able to consistently get new investigators every week.

My last zone conference a few weeks back

There is an investigator called Ogik.  He is an amazing guy and has been coming to church for a long time. When we started teaching him we thought that he wasn't legally married so that meant we couldn't progress him and his wife. So we were just slowly teaching and hoping to find a way to get them legally married. Its really difficult here in Gulu because the church isn't registered here to perform marriages. They would have to go to Kampala to the Kololo Chapel. But Kampala is to far away for something like that. But on Tuesday as we were teaching we asked some more questions about their marriage details and found out they actually are legally married!!!! In Uganda a tribal marriage is considered legal, but tribal marriages are really confusing and work differently with different tribes. We found out that according to their tribe they are married. It was such a huge relief. SO now we are progressing Ogik for baptism the first week of June. His wife, Sarah, might be a challenge though because of her work schedule. I am kinda sad because I will be at home when he is baptized, But at least Elder Barrett will have a good start next transfer.

The baptism last week of John and Kennedy.

Then there was another family that we found. It was a referral family from Mama Beatrice. Beatrice is one of my converts from last year. She took us to a family that stays close to her house and we started teaching them. So that was nice. We are now teaching almost all families. There is only one single person that we are teaching.

Saturday and Sunday we were finally able to watch General Conference!!!! It was soo awesome, especially the Saturday sessions and the priesthood session. There was some very direct and pointed talks by the apostles. It was powerful. I felt that Elder Ballard in the priesthood session was talking directly to me because I am almost going to be a returned missionary. He said RM does not mean 'Retired Mormon'!!! Haha i laughed pretty hard. The rest of his talk was powerful. All of the talks were inspired and definitely meant for the world today.

Today we went to an Ethiopian Restaurant for lunch. Its delicious stuff!!!

Then calling home this morning was great!! After the two hours of trying to get connected. I was almost about to give up but then I knew that the family wanted to talk so I kept trying. I tried calling on three different phones with different numbers and none of them were getting through. I wonder if it has something to do with Alaska. It was really annoying though. And then getting the Google Hangout set up was painful. The microphone settings on the computer were all messed up so it took an hour to finally figure out what to do. But eventually we made it and had a nice little talk. Technology is a problem sometimes! But Happy Mother's Day mom. I hope it was a good day for you.

Elder LeCheminant

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