Monday, May 18, 2015

The Last Week!

Well this week has been awesome! We finally hit our groove and got things built up to a steady consistent pace of always finding and progressing people. Over the last three weeks we have had 25 new investigators. This week we have set our goals high.  Elder Barrett is going to reap big next transfer. We are setting things up good for the future here.

Each day we focused a lot on finding and met with many wonderful families. We saw some weird stuff happen a few of the days that make amazing stories to be told later. But one thing that I am sad about is one family we have been teaching. The mother is Jennifer and she has 3 kids. Then her sister has like 4 or 5 kids. They all stay together and they are just amazing! We have too much fun with them. The bummer of the week is that ALL of the kids except the youngest are going back to school today. SO we wont be able to have fun with the kids anymore; but we will still teach the mom. Yesterday she said that since she left her husband she has been wondering what church she should go to, then one day we showed up! And yesterday she told us she will be staying in the church of Jesus Christ. So we set a baptism date with her for the 13 June. So that was pretty awesome. We were there last night to say goodbye to all of the kids and got some good pics. I will attach one in the email.

Today we went to CHOBE!!!!! It was soo amazing. I missed that place. It is seriously the most beautiful place on earth. The amazing lodge right on the Nile River. After having delicious breakfast we went down by the water and were just watching the hippos, then a huge herd of elephant came walking down. There was 11 elephants sitting there in the water!!! It was so awesome. I think God was just showing off. Words can't describe the beauty of his creations. I want to say more about it but I seriously don't know what to say. It made for a great p-day. Also, on the way out we saw some Impala fighting. Then right as I was taking the picture they both looked at me. It was my first time seeing Impala. Usually there are just tons of little Kob running around. So the pics are of the impala, the elephants and my district with our beautiful butts! Yes be jealous, because there are even elephants in the background :) And then there is also Jennifer's family from last night.

Have a great week everyone. This is my last week. So next week will be my last time to email on mission. Life is good. I love Gulu and I love Uganda more than anything!! :)

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