Monday, February 23, 2015

Tough Week

Well this week again was a tough one. I thought it would work out a lot better because of all the referrals, but it didn't.
On Tuesday our District leader Elder Elapu did an exchange. I went with his companion Elder Makuku into their area and he stayed in our area with Elder Harmon. So that was a good day. It was nice to go to another area to work. It was weird being on an exchange when I wasn't the leader conducting it. Every exchange I have been on in over a year was when I was conducting it. But it was a good day working with Elder Makuku. We found a few good people in their area.

Then Wednesday and Thursday turned out pretty good. Friday was when things went downhill. In the morning when we were calling people to confirm appointments literally nobody's phone was available. So we were hoping to find each of them home at our scheduled times. Of course that didn't help either. The same thing happened on Saturday. None of our people we had scheduled were available and we didn't find a single person to teach the whole day.

Sunday was the general session of the Kampala Stake Conference. It was actually an amazing meeting. Saturday was the adult and priesthood sessions. It was all held at the Kololo Chapel so we didn't have to travel at all for the conference. That was nice. Elder Hamilton from ASEA Presidency was there presiding at the conference. He and the Stake President both gave powerful talks about the Book of Mormon and who we are as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. There was over 900 people at the church. It was huge! So that was the highlight of the week.
Even after getting home from the church and having some lunch we tried calling people to go out and teach. Literally nobody was available that evening.  All of them either had their phones off or could only meet later in the week. So we had received tons of referrals and couldn't teach any of them.  So Sunday evening we went to a family home evening with a bunch of members in the area.

I hate sounding down in an email, but this week was tough. It took a lot to keep going each day and get through all of the things not working out. When nothing works out it really affects you physically and mentally. I just hope and pray that this next week we can be able to start teaching all of the referrals that we have received in the last two weeks. This is the last week of the transfer. I want to end it good so that next transfer can start on a good note. The church is true!

Quote of the week that I heard someone say. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." - Anon

Have a fantasmic week everyone! Enjoy the warm weather all around :) Cus here it is really hot!

Elder LeCheminant

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