Monday, March 2, 2015

It's A Boy!!!

So this was a much better week. We got a lot more things done even though there was still a lot of disappointments.

We met with our progressing investigator called Flora everyday. She has been coming to church the whole transfer. She was referred by a long time member of the church from another Ward in Kampala so she has really strong support system. We met every day to finish up the teaching process because she was preparing for baptism on Sunday. It was our only baptism for the transfer, so I was pretty happy! She chose me to baptize her but I changed her mind to choose Elder Harmon. He had never baptized someone so I wanted him to have the opportunity while we were still companions. So Elder Harmon was the baptist yesterday for Flora. He was really excited. On Saturday we started the water in the font because the water pressure is super low and it takes forever to fill. Then Sunday morning we got to church and went to check it and the font was full but the water was brown. It was kinda gross. I think there was just some bad water going through the pipes, they said that usually doesn't happen. But we couldn't just drain the whole thing and fill it again, that would take way to much time so we just had to go with it. Then after church as we are preparing for the baptism service to start we went to check the water again and half of it had drained out! I guess there was a problem with the plug for the drain or something. So they were baptizing in like knee high water. There was two other baptisms as well for the other elders. It was an adventure trying to get all three of them all the way under because the water was soo low. The first person took 6 tries. I felt really bad for her. But Elder Harmon and Flora were last so they had figured out a good way to do it. So Flora was done right the first time. It was a powerful baptism service and the ward was really supportive with everything which was nice.

A cool thing happened right before the service. There was a guy who we work with sometimes who received his mission call. His name is Henry. They waited to open it until after church so that many people could be there. Everyone gathered in the chapel. Henry opened his mission call right there. He was called to serve in Zimbabwe. He was so happy the entire time! Then after he read the letter, all of the RM's in the ward (there was like 15) plus us Elders got up and sang Called To Serve. It was powerful and just a fun and happy moment for everyone. It reminded me of when I opened my mission call ages ago! Haha

Also another nice experience for the week. On Friday I received a phone call from Kenneth and Betty. They are the family I taught in Iganga and whose wedding we were able to attend. They were just calling to say hello and tell me how happy they are about life. Kenneth was saying that he had gotten a Bible and a Triple Combination, and he had received the Aaronic Priesthood. He was so happy about all of that. Then Betty was telling me how much her life and family has changed since we began teaching them. It was a nice and short phone call. Afterwards I was super happy as well. Those are the moments that make all of the hard work and stress of mission worth it. I always love getting to talk to my recent converts!

Then today we received transfer news. Elder Harmon is going to Lira. And I am going to be TRAINING!!!!!!!!! Haha that's why the subject line says its a boy.  I am training this transfer. Its like I am getting my very own son. haha. I think his name is Elder Barrett. I don't remember exactly, and they say he is from the states. Elder Harmon is super excited to go to Lira. Me and some other elders have been telling him about it today and trying to scare him a bit. Haha it was all just fun and jokes though. I am just really excited to get to be with a brand new missionary. It is going to be a different experience. I have trained a lot of old missionaries over the last couple years. Now I get to start one off fresh. Hopefully all goes well. I will have more info about that next week.  :) This is my second to last transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote for the week."It is better in a prayer to have heart without words and not words without heart." - a member here.

Enjoy March everyone! Have a great week with all your adventures. I will send pictures next week.

Elder LeCheminafrica

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