Monday, February 16, 2015

Rough Week Topped Off With A Miracle

Happy Late Valentines Day!

So this week was kinda tough. Our teaching pool was starting to dwindle and we really struggled to find new investigators. I gained a testimony of how faith works miracles. Basically how it happened was that each day we would plan to find at least one new investigator. It is usually through teaching someone new that we had set an appointment with before or we get a referral from a member.  We usually don't tract because that is discouraging.

So everyday our plans for the day didn't work out. Several appointments would fall through each day and then we would suddenly have two or three hours of nothing to do. Our option would either be to sit and rest for a while or go try to find someone. Each time we would try to find someone, we would be unsuccessful. It was really discouraging on my side by the end of the week. I felt terrible about myself, but we kept going to work and doing what we could. The miracle came on Sunday; we had received 11 referrals throughout the week and 6 of them were on Sunday! I was amazed. So Sunday we were just handed tons of new people to teach that we will be starting with this next week. I felt so happy. God is willing to bless us only when we show our faith and go to work. I believe that because we didn't quit and continued pushing through each day God saw how much we wanted new people and then he just handed us 11 all at once! Its crazy how that works.

So that was my learning adventure this week!

Elder LeCheminant

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