Monday, November 11, 2013


Well this was a super fast week. Not much happened. Just the usual walk all day and teach people the gospel kind of stuff! It was really interesting. I could really feel the adversary working very hard against us. Things just werent going good in the beginning.

On Tuesday we had 5 lessons. There was a period of like 4 hours where we just walked and taught nobody. Our appointments cancelled so our only other option was to tract. Then as we were tracting there was literally nobody home that we could teach. On top of that my body was dead tired and not in the mood to do anything. So that was a real struggle to make to the end of the day. Then on Wednesday I felt a lot better, but we only had 4 lessons. There was two recent converts we had planned to see at the church. They both said they were on their way so we stayed there and waited, after 20-30 minutes we would call them again and they would say they would be there in 5 minutes. That went on for 3 hours; so a ton of wasted time sitting at the church. That kinda made the rest of the day not really go according to plan, but we just endured. The rest of the week we did really great teaching people so it kinda made up for those two days. 

Another thing thing that  was kinda a bummer is that 3 of our people that we planned to be baptized this Saturday weren't home at all last week. They had gone to their villages and were supposed to be back on Saturday so they could come to church, yesterday, on Sunday. But all of them got stuck in their villages with no transport, so they couldn't come back for church. 
So that was all super depressing!!! Haha don't worry to much; Missionary work isn't meant to be easy all the time. This week was just one of those weeks. We are just pushing through and trusting that the Lord will bring us out on top. That's kinda how he works, He lets us fall only to help lift us and make us stronger. It's one thing that helps to keep me going. Missionary work is just soo great! :)

So today was pretty awesome. Before we came here to the internet cafe to email we went to a Trade Show. That is basically like a mini fair. There was a bunch of small booths selling things, so we decided to go as a zone. It was totally awesome but a bad idea at the same time. I spent waaayyy to much money! It was worth it though. I got some pretty nice things that all of you will have to wait for a couple years to see. Hahaha. I really didnt spend very much when you compare it US Dollars. But for Uganda, I spent a lot. Just some cool African things. It was fun and exhausting bargaining with all of the sellers all day. 

To answer your question mom. 1 US Dollar is like 2600 Uganda Shillings. So 3000 shillings is a little more than a dollar. I love Uganda currency. Everything is in thousands. 

I'm super jealous of the coming snow. Here the rainy season is coming to an end. It still rains a lot and the weather isn't as hot as normal. But the dry season is supposed to be coming at the end of the month. They say that the sun is just out frying everything and it is really hot even for Ugandans. Not to excited for that, Its already hot enough! Haha I have been complaining a lot in this email. Sorry about all of that :)

Have a good week! 
Love Me

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