Monday, November 25, 2013


So this is transfer week! I will talk more of that later.

First of all this week was really awesome. On Monday night after we got home we heard a car honk at the gate. So we go to see who it is, and it was the AP's!! They came for surprise exchanges. So they slept at our house on Monday night then worked with us all day Tuesday then slept on Tuesday night then went back to Kampala on Wednesday morning. 

Tuesday was awesome. We had a great time working with Elder Reed, one of the AP's. The whole day went almost completely as we had planned it, which hardly ever happens. Most of the time 75% of our appointments don't go through. But it was an awesome day. We had a really enjoyable time. Not much happened Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday we spent some extra time in the evening going on splits (exchanging companions). It was really successful and we were able to get a ton of new investigators. On Saturday we had a baptism!! It was a sister to one of our recent converts. She doesn't know English but speaks Luo and Kiswahili, but she was very ready and excited to be baptized. There was also another child of record baptism of a young boy who just turned 8 years old. Josephine asked me to baptize her; That was a huge shocker to me. I wasn't expecting her to ask one of the missionaries to baptize. I was expecting one of the members that stays close to her. But I did baptize her and it was a great experience. 

Saturday evening we went to our Branch Presidents house for dinner. They made cow liver for us! I think I would have been fine if he didn't tell us before we ate it, because it tasted good but I was thinking about it way to much and lost my appetite really fast. Just the image of a liver and the thought that I was eating it wasn't going to well for my stomach. But it did taste good. Haha that was a good time. 

Church yesterday was really great. Sacrament attendance was 95 again. That was great. It has slowly been growing since I have been here. All of the meetings were very spiritual and we all learned a lot. After church I sat outside in the sun to get my super white legs some sun. I felt like I was sitting in an oven that was like 500 degrees! It was so hot. Now my legs are less white, but they are still super white compared to my head and arms. Then we went and played football (soccer in America) again at the orphanage. Then chilled at the house for the rest of the night. 

Then came this morning. The Zone Leaders said they were receiving the transfer news today. So we spent all morning waiting for the phone to ring to find out what was happening with the new transfer. After forever we finally found out. I am being transferred to a place called Entebbe. It is where the International Airport is for Uganda. The surprise is that I am white washing (two new missionaries at once) the area!!! This will be an interesting experience. I never imagined that I would be white washing. I am excited to be leaving but at the same time I wish I was staying in Lira. There are a few people that we are teaching that I would love to see get baptized  and the members of the Branch here are amazing people. I could hang out with them all day and still have a good time. But I am also excited that I am going. It just stinks because its like a 5 hour drive to Kampala and then another hour to Entebbe. We are leaving on Wednesday. So next Monday I will be in a new area!!!!

So that was our week. Sounds like you all had a crazy week. Lots of things going on. Music stuff and sports stuff and mission stuff. Life is crazy! 

Its about dang time Andy!!! I was actually beginning to think I would have a chance of beating you. I guess its exciting for you :)

Have a fantabulous week everyone!!
Love Elder LeCheminant

grass hut in the village

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