Monday, November 18, 2013


So this is week 6 of the transfer. Its weird but awesome that we are already at the end. Then I get to do it again, and again, and again, like 12 more times!! 
This week went a whole lot better than last week. We had exchanges like every single day. On tuesday we had district exchanges. I went with Elder Hardman in his area and then Elder Manyakanyaka came to our side with Elder Buyers. Then on wednesday in the evening Elder Buyers and I went to their side and we split and went tracting for the rest of the night. Then on friday they came to our side and we split and did tracting. Also on thursday the zone leaders came for exchanges and Elder Mgijima came with me and Elder Buyers for the day. Then saturday morning we did district exchanges again because Elder Manyakanyaka had to interview the person we baptized on saturday. So that was all lots of fun and helped the week go by really really really fast. It is all just a blur now. 

So tuesday with Elder Hardman was interesting. This is his first transfer so he is still going through all of the "new guy" stuff. He still talks super fast in an american accent and doesnt really know the area very well. But we survived and only got lost a few times! We had a great day together and taught some great lessons. It just reminded me of when I first got here and all of the things I went through. At the end of the day I gave him a lot of advice about things that helped me get into the swing of things. He is a great guy and is from Morgan Utah. Me, him, and Elder Buyers always talk about 4-wheelers and dirt bikes and snowmachines. 

Wednesday nothing exciting happened. Thursday was super fun. In the morning we went and did some service with one of our recent converts. He is a fantastic guy and loves the church. Anyways he is building a new little house kinda next to the mud hut that he has been living in. So we went to help. We started by taking apart the mud hut. We took the grass roof apart and then took each brick out one by one so that they could be used on his new house. That took about 3 hours. It was really fun. I love demolition! Then the ZL's came and Elder Mgijima came. We had a great rest of the day and taught a lot of great lessons. 

Friday, In the evening when the others came over to our side for tracting, I went with Elder Manyakanyaka. We tracted for like an hour and didnt find anyone. Then we started heading to the person we baptized on saturday so that he could interview her. Her name is Dilish. She is the wife to Bruno, whom we baptized the second or third week I was here in Lira. On the way to their house it started raining cats and dogs. We were instantly completely soaked all the way through. So we decided to just go home since we were close. I was sooo wet!!!!! When I took my shoes off I dumped like half a liter of water out of each shoe. We decided to reschedule the interview for the morning. 

Then saturday Elder Buyers and Manyakanyaka went to interview Dilish. So I went with Elder Hardman again in his area for the morning. We all met up for lunch and then went to the church for the baptism. So Dilish was baptized, and Bruno got to baptize her. He was really hesitant at first but we took care of all of their concerns. Also the daughter to our Branch President was baptized. She turned 8 last week. The baptism went really well. Its been a while since we have had a baptism. Afterwards we went and worked for the rest of the day. 

Sunday church was really great. Our Sacrament Meeting attendance was 95!! It has gone up like 15 since I have been here. Dilish was Confirmed and Bruno also got a Calling! It has been awesome to see that family come to church, they are amazing people. After church Elder and Sister Moore came to our house to inspect our cleaning. They are the senior couple in Gulu. We dont have any senior couples in Lira so they have to come down to check on the Branches and inspect our cleaning. Sister Moore made us some amazing chocolate chip banana bread/cake. That is like basically my favorite food of all time. Chocolate, bananas, and cake all in the same thing!!! Haha it was delicious. Then we went and played soccer at the orphanage and then the zone leaders came over and chilled with us for the rest of the night and we had dinner and messed around. 

So that was the week!!! 

We kinda heard through a few members about the typhoon in the Philippines. It sounded crazy!! That would be a crazy experience to go through something like that. I'm glad all of the missionaries survived. 

Mom I wasnt going to tell you but I did get a Ugandan nativity. So sorry to ruin the surprise for you :)

That's great to hear about Hunter leaving !! He is going to do great in Brazil. What is his missionary email? Also I want Aarons missionary email as well. He goes to the MTC soon. Yay for Lauren and Kali for going to the temple this week. I really wish I was there to see everyone preparing for missions and going to the temple. But i cant really do anything about it because I'm in the middle of AFRICA!!!! Hahaha Good luck to all of you. 

Its funny that joey doesnt want me to be the only eagle scout!! haha you better get on it! Only like 3 months left and there's a ton of stuff that you have to do that takes time. 

Have a great week. In Luo we say "Donga Ber" for "have a good day." I don't know how to say have good week. 

Love Elder Me

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