Monday, January 13, 2014


Another week down! The weeks just keep moving right along like they never even happened. Its pretty awesome!

Tuesday was a really great day. It was a day that we were super in tune with the spirit. A lot of things happened that were awesome. One lesson that we had after lunch was with a guy called Innocent. We have been teaching him for over a month now.  We had planned to go through the Plan of Salvation. Well as soon as we started both of us knew that it wasnt what we should teach that day, so we both just went right along teaching him the importance of the Book Of Mormon and we never communicated it to each other. The lesson turned out amazing, it was for him and not just a lesson! After that we visited a guy called Jove. (yea it reminds me of Madames Been Murdered when I was the crazy old guy that yelled "jove" everywhere) He is an older guy and is a lifelong catholic. When we met him before he basically told us he wasn't interested. we stayed anyway and just had a nice conversation about random things going on in the world. Then Tuesday we did the same thing. We were just talking about random things like politics, his family, etc. Then suddenly he totally opened up to us and said he didn't know if there was a life after death. I just sat there amazed. It was so sudden and random that we didn't really know what to say. It was perfect to start teaching him the Plan Of Salvation. So hopefully we can continue teaching him.

Thursday in the morning we met one of the recent converts called Sharon. We have never met her before but luckily she has been very active. It took like an hour to find where she lives because the area is confusing. There is basically no such thing as an address in Uganda so she was trying to direct us and it took a long time. But we finally found her. The rest of the day was just a good solid day of teaching people. Our last lesson was with the guy we worked with. His name is Afiman. He is like 17 yrs old and he was baptized about 4 months ago. He is super excited about missionary work and works with us several times a week. Well since he is still a very new member he doesnt know much about teaching the lessons. So we decided to start training him how to teach and be a missionary. It was fun training him how to be a missionary. We started with the Restoration and every week we are planning to train him how to teach a different lesson. So that is exciting watching Afiman be so excited and soaking up all of the info we give him.

Friday was a bit rough. We did our weekly planning then had lunch. Elder Wulfenstein was feeling sick so we sat there at our house until like 3:00. When he felt good enough to go work we went out. After a couple hours we called the ZL's and told them about him being sick. They said he had signs of either Malaria or Typhoid and they said we needed to go get him tested. So we went and found a clinic and he got tested for those diseases. They drew his blood and put it on microscope slides and looked at it under a microscope. Luckily they found no disease and said he just had some bacteria that was making him sick. Now he is basically recovered. It was fun going to the clinic though. It was my first time taking someone there.

Saturday was kinda weird. In the morning we went to visit Daniel. Unfortunately he wasnt around. As we were standing at his door a guy walked out the looked super familiar. I couldn't figure out where I had seen him before. Well he immediately recognized me and said his name is Simon and he lives in Mukono. He is the brother to one of our recent converts in Mukono called Cassim. Elder Jimu and I were teaching Simon for like a month. And apparently Simon is related to this guy called Daniel here in Entebbe. Kinda a small world experience. It was really cool. Tons of memories from way back in Mukono just flooded back. Later after lunch a helper at the mission office called Godfrey came with some stuff that we requested. It was amazing! He brought us some things we desperately needed like bowls, utensils, a pot, a mop, an iron, and some light bulbs. We now have light in the kitchen and in the bathroom!!! We went all last transfer with no light in there. This week he is going to bring us some new mattresses because ours are totally dead. And he is bringing us a couch couch because we dont have one. Exciting! Also on Friday the Sister Missionaries arrived. Now there are two sisters in our district! Its kinda weird being in a district with sisters but it will be fun.

Sunday church was good. Afterwards we had to stay for Ward Council. Then we didn't get home till like 3:00. At around 5:00 we met with Tony. He is the one that was supposed to get baptized a few weeks ago. Basically he said he wants to be baptized as soon as possible. He officially quit his job on Wednesday and confronted his family about being baptized. He told us he knows the gospel is true and he doesn't care what others think. That was soo amazing and it made feel so happy and warm inside. So we will be having a baptism this coming Sunday!!

There's the week. I know it was really long. I got a letter from the Alan LeChems this week (thanks a ton bytheway!). Someone in the letter said they want more details about my week. Yea I know my letters are kinda undetailed. So today I tried harder. Hope it was better! Haha.

Sorry dad that you have to wear a boot now. Its kinda a funny picture in my mind of you walking around in a boot. I hope the ankle gets better.

That's awesome that Stephanie's(from Garth's office) husband has been to Uganda. I cant really think of anything right now to send with him. Remind me when it comes closer to him coming.

I hope you like the Ugandan Hunter. I thought it was pretty sweet. Im glad to hear that it made it there. I was beginning to think it got lost in the mail or something. Did you like the super ghetto box? Haha thats how the post office here did it for me. I thought it was funny.

Joey don't hurt yourself in the Green Room doing that Eagle Project! Its a whole different world in there.

So this email is ridiculously long! The pic is of me washing my clothes in our bathroom. I am doing it Ugandan woman style. Standing with my butt straight in the air!! They can somehow do it for like 2 hours but I only lasted a couple of minutes. Its painful. I usually sit on a stool to wash but I thought it would be funny to do it with the booty in the air.

Have a good week everyone! If you fell asleep reading this I'm sorry. Its Alan's fault. haha kidding!!

Love Elder Chem

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