Monday, January 6, 2014

1.6.14 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Well for starters, this week was hard. Tuesday was great. Tuesday night for New Years Eve we went over to the DL's house and slept over then stayed with them on Wednesday. We went around all day to food appointments. It was pretty fun. Atmidnight there was even fireworks that we woke up to watch. That was cool.

Then the rest of the week just was hard. Every day we would have a nice schedule and lots of people to see.  But then nobody was available and people just kept not being home for appointments.. I think we tracted more from Thursday to Saturday than I ever have. Not very fun. At the end of the week we ended with 14 lessons. Thats like the lowest I have ever had in a week! 

One good thing that we started was running in the mornings. Basically all last month we never exercised because we were always super tired. So on Thursday we were just sitting there hating life and decided to start running in the morning. Our run is just down our road and back. We think its like about a mile and a half. Holy cow we are soooo out of shape! I have gained like 10 pounds last month. So the running was ridiculously hard, but it was worth it. I felt a lot better physically throughout the day. I am just really really sore. But I will get over it eventually. Hopefully this will help me lose some weight as well. Yay! :)

Oh yea.. Haha on Saturday evening we were sitting at a persons house waiting for them to get home. We got there at like7:00 and waited until 9:00 and she didnt show up. Anyways while we were waiting there was a group of like 6 little kids that came over to us. We were messing around with them and playing and having fun. Then Elder Wulfenstein asked how to ask them to give us a massage in Luganda. Totally random but so worth it!  We just sat on the ground and had 6 kids massaging our backs. It was pretty dang awesome. The kids loved it. And we of course loved it. My back hasnt felt this good in like 8 months! So that was our funny for the week. 

We also got our transfer news today! Because last week was the last week of the transfer so that means today is the start of my 6th transfer. Yay! Elder Wulfenstein and I are staying together here. I'm not really surprised at all. We both were expecting to stay. So just thought I would let you know. At least six more weeks in Entebbe for me! 

It sounds like everyone had a good holiday season. You survived the crazyness. Why do we always end up having a million people at our house for holidays? You should go to someone else's house sometime. Just a suggestion :)

Sarah I never said you could have my room. I guess its ok though as long as I get the bonus room above the garage when I get back! Hehehe :)

Thats kinda funny that Logan Hanneman got a compression fracture on a trampoline! I have never heard of anyone doing that before. It sounds painful.  :)
Good Luck to Reese & Logan trying to qualify for the Olympics!

Have fun going back to school everyone! I remember those days. It was such a long time ago... Hehe 

Did you ever get the package that I sent? Its been like 3 or 4 weeks since I sent it.

Love Elder LeCheminant

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