Monday, December 30, 2013


This was an eventful week! Lots of stuff happened. I almost went crazy, things like that. 

First of all, Tuesday we had our Christmas party at the mission home. It was a lot of fun! We were just hanging out all day playing games and eating food. We had a ton of pizza, basically one whole pizza per missionary. They were really good pizzas too. And for dinner we had KFC fried chicken!! Yea they just built a KFC in Kampala. It was some pretty delicious chicken. 

Then came Christmas!! It was such a good day. We got up in the morning and made ourselves some delicious pancakes. Then we unwrapped all of our presents. We had a little tiny tree with our presents all around it. Pretty awesome. After going through the presents we sat around eating all of our delicious junk food. Then at around 2:00 we went to the Balyejusa family for lunch/dinner. We played Phase 10 for like 2 hrs then ate a TON of food. Holy cow I couldn't move when we were done. They kept making us go and refill our plates. Then we left at around 6:30 to go back to our house so we could call home. Holy cow calling home was amazing! It was so good to hear all of your voices. I know mom hogged all the time. The rest of you could have had more time if you would have actually talked!! It was the classic LeCheminant phone awkwardness. So you have until May to practice talking on the phone, then you can have more time to talk to me. Haha :) But it was still amazing to talk! The time went by way to fast. Christmas was a lot of fun even though it wasn't what i am used to. It was really really hot all day. I'm used to cold and snow for Christmas. But we still had a good time. 

Then came the Christmas Hangover. Both me and Elder Wulfenstein were pretty much dead. I slept on my scriptures for like 30 minutes. Then the rest of the time we just sat there eating our sorrows away with chocolate. It was seriously a hangover. We were tired, had massive headaches, wishing we could call the family again. We managed to leave the house to do some work. Friday we were recovered and were able to actually have a normal day. Saturday was also just a normal day, nothing really different happened. 

Then Sunday there was a good thing that happened. About 15 minutes before sacrament ended we had 4 of our investigators walk in. We have been working with this family for like 3 weeks and today they just unexpectedly showed up! It was so awesome and made me super happy. 
After church we went home and made ourselves a ton of Chappatis!! They are super delicous. Chappatis are basically thick tortillas and are a very very very popular traditional Ugandan food. We learned how to make them last week so after church we made ourselves a bunch. Then we went over to the DL's house on the other side of Entebbe. We chilled with them for the night and I made some delicious dinner. I made the stuffing, potatoes, and gravy that you sent to me. And we had that fillet of smoked salmon and that can of turkey. It was seriously way to delicious. It reminded me way to much of home. So that was a lot of fun. 

Then today we went to the beach as a district! That was awesome. Basically when we all come to Uganda as a family I know the hotel we are staying at. It is called Imperial Resort Beach Hotel. It is the biggest and nicest hotel I have ever seen. And it is right on a beautiful beach of Lake Victoria. We played in the sand and went and stood in the water. Then there was some sweet rocks and caves that we messed around in. The lake is beautiful. It looks a whole lot like Prince William Sound just without the mountains everywhere. I have a few pics of it that I will send.

I'm super jealous that you got to go snowmachining. I seriously miss that a lot. Classic getting stuck and rolling machines all the time. Thats what makes it so much fun! Sorry that everyone managed to get hurt in some way.

Oh yea mom I got your second box on Friday. The ZL's picked it up and brought it to me. It was awesome! Thanks for the CD's and the picture and the food. 

I know there is like a ton of other stuff I was going to tell in this email but it has escaped my brain. So i will prob remember it tonight when we are at home. 

Thanks for all of the Christmas presents and stuff! I cant wait for Grandmas and Rick/Lindsey's box.

Have a happy new year! It will be 2014 next week. 

Love Elder LECH 

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