Monday, December 23, 2013


Christmas time is now really here!
This week went way to fast. Now Christmas is just going to fly by and be done in the no time at all. 

So we had a great week. Elder Wulfenstein and I have been getting a lot better at teaching in unity and our lessons are getting better every day. Again there is not really much to talk about. But there is a few things.

On Saturday we had the Ward Christmas party! It was pretty awesome. Every organization in the Ward had some activity or something to perform. The primary put together a cool play and they acted out like the entire story around Christs birth. It started with the birth of John the baptist, and then went to Christ, and then Herod wanting to kill all the kids 2 years and younger, and then Joseph and Mary leaving to Egypt. It was a pretty complicated play but they did a good job! Then us missionaries played charades with everyone. That was interesting because no one really knew how to play, but it was fun anyways. The Young Men and Young Women sang a couple hymns as well as the Relief Society and Priesthood. Then after all of the activities, we ate! The food was so good. It was just the normal rice, potatoes, matooke, beans, and a few other things. But it was a real feast. My plate weighed probably 5 pounds (exaggeration). It was super delicious. At the party we met this Ugandan guy that lives in St George, Utah. He was awesome to talk to because he has been really Americanized. His wife is from St George and they met on their missions in South Africa. So when they got home he went to Utah to visit her and then they got married and they have been in St George ever since. 

Then Sunday was great. Church was really good. When we walked in there were two white guys! Haha pretty sweet. I went over to talk to them. Basically they were here for like a week doing humanitarian work with the US Army. It was really nice to talk to an american that actually understands what i am saying. So that was pretty sweet. Both sacrament talks were two people leaving for missions this week. That was cool. One of them is part of the Balyejusa family. That is the family that has 5 of the kids as returned missionaries and now they are sending another one! After church we went to an investigators house, his name is Tony. He is super legit and is getting baptized next week. His wife is a strong member so that is pretty much how we started teaching him. But we went there and they taught us how to make some really really really really good tasting Chapatis. That is like this delicious Ugandan flat bread kinda thing. Everyone makes it and its super cheap. But they taught us how to make really good ones. So now I know how to make chapatis!!!!! So when i come home I will teach everyone. I promise you will be addicted after the first one. They are so good! 
Then we went to the Balyejusa family for dinner and to have FHE with them for the rest of the night. It was super fun.

Now today we got up in the morning and went to Kabowa. We have been chilling with the Zone Leaders all day. We went into Kampala to the mission office. I picked up my package from you mom, and one from Tashah. After we left the APs called and said another one came in for me, so I will probably get it tomorrow. I don't know who it is from. Tomorrow we have a Christmas party in Kololo with all of the missionaries in the Kampala area. That is super exciting. And then Wednesday is Christmas!!!! I'm so excited to call home! Thanks mom for reminding me of our phone numba. I completely forgot what it was. So I will call at around 8 pm here so that will be 8 am there. Cant wait! 

Its so great to hear that Kathryn's wedding went well. I wish I was there to hang out with everyone in Utah. 'Im glad everyone survived all of the crazyness. Now just enjoy Christmas and try not to let any stuff distract you from the family and from having a good time. Thats so awesome that Kathryn is related to a Ugandan now. If she is from Lira then I can speak a little bit of her language!!!! hahaha. 

Oh and since when did the married brother get to decide what we do as a family for Christmas!? I thought it was the next younger than the married brother! Haha just kidding :)

Talk to y'all on Wednesday! Cant wait. 
Merry Christmas. 
Love Elder Me

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