Monday, December 16, 2013


Christmas time is here! Its so weird that Christmas is so close. A lot of the shops here in Entebbe have Christmas decorations and they play Christmas music all the time. It reminds me waayy to much of home. Christmas is such an amazing time of the year. 

We had a great week. It was our first full week in the area. There isnt really much to talk about. Everyday was just a normal day of teaching and finding people. We now have the area set up really well. Our teaching pool is now existing. So I am excited for this coming week. We can actually do normal work instead of tract or wander all day.

One crazy experience. On Saturday we had to go to a local restaurant for lunch because there was no food at the house. Most of our food got spoiled by rats. Now we don't put anything in the cupboards that rats can get into. Rats are dumb. Anyways! So we went to a local restaurant for lunch. There are no open tables except one with a white guy and an African sitting together. They said we could sit with them so we did. We come to find out that both of them are pastors. To make a long story short, the white one basically condemned us to hell. He knew about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Then he just started blasting us. He wouldn't give us a chance to say anything. He kept saying we are to young to be preaching the gospel because we haven't experienced life and don't know the scriptures and junk like that. It was really a huge waste of time. That guy basically goes around to churches and tells them how they are wrong and does everything he can to destroy their faith. And then he somehow believes that his church is the right church. It doesn't make sense and the guy is crazy! In my opinion he is just intimidated that a couple of young guys can go around to teach the gospel and actually have success at it. But that is just me :) My mind keeps going back to him and I just get angry at him. Moral of the story, dont go around trying to destroy peoples faith. Its not really a good thing to do :)

Anyway, Sunday, yesterday was really awesome. Attendance at church was really low but that is just the curse of Christmas time. A lot of people here go to the village to be with their family during Christmas. But its ok. Church was awesome and the spirit was there. And also there were monkeys again during church! I had my camera this time and got a few pictures. After church in the evening all of us went to the Balyejusa family again. That was really awesome. That family is seriously amazing and they are a huge blessing to church in Uganda. i think i said it before but 5 of the children are returned missionaries. They are just awesome.They were playing a bunch of the Christmas songs that you would normally hear on the radio in the US. Holy cow that sucked. It made me miss home a lot. I love good Christmas music! We had a great time eating food and playing a bunch of fun games. 

So I know that I didn't have much to talk about the week but just deal with it :)
First things first. When is the best time for me to call on Christmas. (This is weird already talking about calling home). I was thinking about maybe calling sometime in the evening on the 25th here so that would be Christmas morning for you guys. Personally I feel like 8 or 9 PM here would be the best. That would mean all of you would have to get up early. Haha :) Just let me know next Monday if that is ok. 

Second. Congrats to Kathryn!! Your last week as a LeCheminant. Make sure you appreciate the last moments with the best last name. Hahaha :) Thats so exciting that you are getting married this weekend. 

It stinks that I cant be there. I'm kinda a little jealous that all of you get to go down to Utah for the wedding. But when I think about it, Africa is way cooler than Utah :) 

Happy Birthday to Jacob last week! Since when was he 12 years old? That doesnt make any sense.

Happy 27th Anniversary mom and dad!!!!!!!!!!!! You two need to like find some time to go out together and celebrate. Go and get away from lifes crazyness and spend an evening or a day just the two of you. That would make me super happy if you did that :)

The first two pics are of the monkeys at church yesterday. The third is just an awesome view of a part of our area that we walk past sometimes.  

Have an amazing week. Dont go crazy with all of the crazyness happening. Make sure you dont get distracted from the purpose of the Christmas season. I know Christ is our Savior and redeemer. He really was born to Mary and he lived a perfect life in order to perform the Atonement. The gospel is true!
Merry Christmas

Love Elder LeCheminant

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