Monday, December 9, 2013


Well this week went by really fast. We only had three days to work. On Tuesday we had ZDM. That is zone development meeting. SO we went to Kabowa for that. We had it in the brand new Kabowa Chapel. Holy cow that is a nice chapel. It was dedicated 4 or 5 months ago, It is so nice. Anyways the meeting went until like 2:00 ish and then we all went out to lunch together. Then it was another hour and a half back to Entebbe. So we only had about two hours to work when we got back. Then on Wednesday it was a half day because we had DDM. That is district development meeting. So we didnt start working till around 3:00 ish. 

Then on Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was at the Mission Home. So we had to travel 2 hours to Kololo to the mission home. It was amazing though. President Chatfield is awesome. Sister Chatfield and some of the Senior Couples in Kampala made lunch for us, it was sooooo good! They made us lasagna with rolls and salad. I love some good old fashioned american food! They also made us brownies and we had them with ice cream .I love food soo much!! That was almost the best part of the zone conference. Then we didnt get back to Entebbe until like 7:00 so there was basically no point in going out to work.

So we got friday and saturday to work for the whole week. It was awesome though. We did a lot of finding that was very successful. We found several awesome families. They are going to be a challenge to progress and get to church. But the big fish are the hardest to bring in but the most worth it. So I just hope and pray we can get some of them progressing in the gospel. Now this week we are going to do some more finding and learning more about the area. I think that after this week we will be good to go and will be able to actually have people scheduled and have some idea of what we are doing. Its hard not being able to plan for the day because there is no one to teach. All we could do last week was go tracting. 

Oh yea one thing I forgot about DDM on Wednesday. When we showed up at the church there were monkeys everywhere! It was so awesome. There is a mango tree and they were just hanging out eating all the mangos. I went and bought a couple of bananas and the monkeys just went crazy. They swarmed all around us and just sat there patiently for us to give them some banana. It was so awesome. I would break a piece and they would just nicely grab it out of my hand. It was the coolest thing. So were just hanging out with monkeys at the church for like 30 minutes. The only thing is that I forgot my camera!!!! So i didnt get any pictures. But next time I will make sure I have my camera because apparently the monkeys go to the church a lot. Its pretty awesome. Dont be to jealous :)

Its good to hear about all of the good stuff going on at home. I have seen a bunch of pictures of the snow in Utah. Holy cow they have a lot of snow already. I miss the snow. Christmas is not the same without snow. 
Anyways yay for surviving the Madrigal. I can see Mr Harris yelling at everyone in class. Some people just dont learn! 

I prob wont get the box until the 23rd. We are planning on going to Kabowa to stay with the ZLs on the 23rd because there is a Christmas eve party in Kololo for all of the missionaries in kampala. So I'm super excited to get it! I just want it right now. 
I sent a small package home today with my Christmas present to the family. They said it will take no more than 14 days so if it is not there in two weeks then let me know. Its something super awesome from Uganda that you are going to like :)

Thats awesome dad about the movie about Entebbe. I didnt know anything about that. Nobody really talks about any of that kinda stuff here. I do know about 
Idi Amin. He was a pretty crazy guy. There is a movie called "The rise and fall of Idi Amin". its really entertaining. 

And yay for Tashah for her mission call!!! its so great to have all of my friends going on their missions!!!!

Oh yea one more thing. I registered a sim card today. It is what I am going to use to call home on Christmas. I am also buying the airtime. It is a ton cheaper for me to call to the US. I can get like 3 hours for about 30,000 shillings. So basically all of the missionaries here have their own SIM card for the phones. I am going to test it out tonight and make sure it works for the US so if you get a call from a random out of country number dont answer because its me. now i am out of time so will tell more next week.

Love Elder LeCheminant

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