Monday, January 20, 2014


Hello everyone!
This week was pretty awesome! We got a lot of good work done.

Tuesday we did some "phone tracting" all morning from 10:00 to about 12:00. It was so exhausting!!! Haha. Basically we just sat in our comfy chairs, made a list of former investigators and less actives, then just started calling. I have never made so many phone calls at once. It was pretty fun and we were able to find a couple of people to start teaching. The rest of the day we just went out teaching like normal. We saw three recent converts and watched the Restoration video with them. We have a little portable DVD player at our house so we decided to carry it on Tuesday. I love the Restoration video. It is only about 20 minutes long but is amazing at showing how the whole restoration came about. I always feel so much peace inside when we watch it. That was a great experience to watch it with these recent converts.

Wednesday we had Zone Conference!! It was a really amazing and inspiring zone conference. We were told to be at the mission home at 8:30 am. So we had to get up at 5:30. Then we left at 6:00. The taxi ride was about 2 hours then we had about 30 min of walking so we actually got there at 8:30. Well zone conference didn't even start until about 10:00. So we had over an hour to just sit around and hang out. The conference was awesome. I could seriously listen to President Chatfield all day and never get tired. He talked a lot about the importance of repenting and being spiritually clean so we can have the spirit. The scriptures say that God cannot look at sin with the least degree of allowance. And the spirit cannot dwell in unholy places. So basically we need to purify ourselves so the spirit can always be with us. That was President Chatfield. The AP's spent a long time talking about the Area Book and how we can do better at keeping the Area Book up to date. After Zone Conference we went to the Mission Office on our way back to Entebbe. I got my box from Gma LeChem!!! Thanks so much. I have already eaten everything. The Pringles and Nutella were seriously the best part.

Friday we met with Jove again. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was amazing! He actually read the entire pamphlet before we got there, which never happens. That made teaching the lesson incredibly easy because he already had a basic idea of what was there. As we finished he kept saying he wished his wife was there because she would be convinced if she heard it. Then he said that it was way more believable than what is taught in his own church. Jove is pretty much awesome and I love teaching him. Next week he is going to Gulu to do some memorial service stuff for some relatives that passed away. So we might not be able to see him for a couple more weeks.

Saturday was kinda messed up. We had three lessons planned in the morning but only one didn't fall through. Then after lunch we planned to have the DL, Elder Wanlass, come to Tony's house to interview him for baptism on Sunday. After a while of waiting we called him to see where he was at. Basically he had planned to meet at the church and we had planned to meet at Tony's house. Just a slight miscommunication there. So we had to take Tony to the church! It actually worked out good because during the interview the rest of us spent some time cleaning out the font. It is outside and hadn't been cleaned for a few months so it was pretty gross. The interview went good. I had no worries at all. The rest of the day we stayed at the church because we were supposed to be at PEC meeting. PEC was supposed to start at 4:00 but this is Uganda so it didn't really start until about 6:00. So we wasted a few hours at the church, but there was nothing we could do about it!

Sunday we had Tony's baptism after church! He chose me to be that baptist. I dont know why people always choose me to baptize them, but it keeps happening. Anyways the baptism service was awesome and it all went successfully. It felt amazing to finally have had a baptism! Its been almost two months.

One exciting thing this week is that Elder Bednar is coming to visit the Kampala Stake!!!!!! President Chatfield tried to see if all of the missionaries in the mission could come and do a special meeting with him but he said no. But he is letting all of the missionaries in the Stake come to the meeting. So luckily Entebbe is part of the Stake and we get to go!! I cant wait!

Andy why would ever put yourself through a half marathon? We run down our road and back in the morning. Its maybe a mile and a half total and I am always dying halfway through! But I guess good job :)

I think I already asked you but what is Lauren Hardy's missionary email? I would try to guess but there is always the possibility of getting someone else like with Hunter.

Dad you asked for some ideas of things to send with that guy who is coming here. Also just a few ideas for a box that anyone would want to send. I love food. Pudding is amazing! I actually made some cheesecake pudding today that was in my Christmas  box. Nutella and macaroni is also fantastic. If it worked out that you could send some stuff with that guy, would there be a possibility of me sending some stuff home with him? Just me thinking ahead :)

I cant really think of anything else. Here are some pictures from the week. One is us cleaning out the font. One is of a cool tree. One is the 4 of us Elders in the district getting some drinks. One is of the baptism! Yea my baptism suit is way to small, i know.

Love Elder Me

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