Monday, February 10, 2014


Howdy do!
This week was a bit rough. After last week I was hoping for an amazing week but of course it didn't happen. Nothing ever goes how we want them to go.

First of all last week after emailing, us 4 elders went out to this big fancy "white person" restaurant. Its called Faze 3 if you ever want to look it up. Holy cow it was way to much like home. I had an amazing steak with some mashed potatoes and vegetables. My mouth was freaking out with all of the amazing flavor! My mouth is used to the bland no spices or flavor Ugandan food. That was an amazing experience.

Tuesday we went to Kabowa for ZDM (Zone Development Meeting). It was a great meeting. We talked a lot about small issues that need to be solved in the mission. We had a great time. Then afterwards we went to hang out at this MASSIVE shopping mall. It is called Freedom City. It is seriously huge. It has like 5 or 6 levels and on the top is a huge kids play place and a swimming pool. What the heck, a swimming pool in Uganda? haha it was super funny to see people in the pool because Ugandans seriously have no idea what to do in a swimming pool! That was pretty entertaining. So that was fun.

Wednesday in the morning we had DDM (District Development Meeting). That was awesome as well. We all just talked about ourselves and got to know each other more. The rest of the day almost everyone we had planned to visit were not around. So we ended up just walking and walking and walking and walking. Sometimes I just hate walking!

Thursday in the morning we did some service. We went digging again like last week. It was pretty fun.

Then  Friday was supposed to be a great day with like 10 lessons but that didn't happen, we only taught 3 lessons. It was another day of just walking and walking because everyone decided to not be available. We did find one guy called Jibbs Ojok. Yea super weird name, even for Uganda. We taught him and his son under some massive mango trees. It was a great lesson.

Saturday in the morning we did service again. This time we made bricks. It is seriously sooo much fun!! There is a pile of wet clay. We would take a chunk and stick it in a mold and pack it in. I was soo covered in mud afterwards. It was so much fun to basically play in mud for a couple hours. I will try to send a pic. After showering we went to teach Tony. We taught him about the Temple. It was an amazing lesson. He had never known anything about temples for his whole life so he was amazed and super excited about it all. I seriously miss the temple! The closest temple to us is all the way down in South Africa. I wish I could just go to the temple all the time. That is something I am going to definitely appreciate more at home. All of you are so blessed to have temples close by. It is a huge blessing and you need to take advantage of it. Only in the temple can we really feel close to Heavenly Father and it is a great way to have the spirit more in your life. :)

Sunday was pretty awesome. Church made up for everything we went through during the week. We had 5 investigators come to church! None of them were people we had planned on coming but it was still awesome. Two of our recent converts brought their two young boys with them. It was so awesome. I was playing with them all the time. i should have taken a pic with them at church because they are the cutest little guys ever!

Today for Pday we went to the other Elders house. We bought a ton of potatoes and made homemade chips (french fries). It was super cheap to. 2000 shillings for enough potatoes to fill a big sized pot. The other Elders bought a chicken and we killed it and cooked it! It was actually pretty fun to pull all the feathers off and then cut it up. I actually used some things I learned from cutting up moose. After getting the legs and wings off we opened up the inside and went through all of the innards. Yea pretty gross. We also cut off the feet and fried them and then ate them!!!! Actually we didn't eat them but I pretended to eat one and took a good picture "eating" it. There was no way I was going to eat a chicken foot, but people here do it all the time! They also eat the liver and the gizzard and the flappy things on the head. yea its disgusting.

So that was the week!

The pics of the  'green room' look pretty good! Why didn't anyone think of doing that before? Good job everyone.

It sounds like everyone had a good week.

Only mom and dad emailed me this week so there isn't really anything else to comment on about other peoples lives cause I have no idea!! Thanks everyone :) haha

Oh yea, whats the deal with Obama? We keep seeing stuff in newspapers about Obama and Michelle splitting up or something like that. We don't know any details because all the newspapers are in Luganda and Ugandans don't do a great job translating what it says. I know its really extremely unimportant but I was just curious.

Happy Valentines Day!!
Love Elder LeCheminant

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