Monday, February 24, 2014


Well this week has been crazy. Tuesday I spent the morning packing and getting ready to go. Then in the afternoon we went to go to a few people for me to say goodbye. It is seriously hard leaving an area and saying goodbye to the people that you have grown to love! Then Wednesday and Thursday we literally sat and waited. We thought that we were being transferred in the morning on Wednesday. So we waited. Then
they didn't come so we waited until the afternoon. Then they didn't come. SO we called the person coming to get us and he said he wasn't coming until Thursday.  It was not fun just sitting and doing nothing. Then Thursday we also waited all day again. Originally the guy said he was coming in the morning, but he didn't show up until around 5:00 pm. Then we were taken to the missionary compound in Ntinda to spend the night. I didn't leave to Gulu until around noon on Friday and then 6 hours of sitting in a truck on Friday. Now I am here in Gulu! My area/branch is called Bardege. Its just a little section of Gulu. My companion is called Elder Phiri. He is from northern Zambia. Elder Phiri came on his mission way back in october. He has been on the other side of Gulu with the Zone Leaders. Now he has moved to this side. Yay for whitewashing again!

Gulu is an interesting place. I'm still getting used to it. Gulu is soo much different than areas in Kampala. By the end of this week I will be good to go. There are 7 missionaries and a senior couple here. All of us stay in the same compound. Sometime I will send a picture. The couple is Elder and Sister Moore. They are the ones that drove me up on Friday. My district stays in one apartment, the ZL's and their companions stay in the apt next to us, and the Moores stay in the next apt. It is super hot here. I think it might be more hot than Lira. Hopefully after a few good sunburns I will get used to it. :)

On Saturday we spent the day just going around getting to know some people. There are a lot of great members in our area. We have like 20 recent converts. But half of them are less active. The whole branch has a ton of less active actives. I will just say that we have A LOT of work to do. Something I almost forgot is that on Saturday I also did my first baptism interview. The zone leaders called me at 7:00 and said they were coming in 30 minutes for me to do an interview. I had no clue about it but I still went. It was a little girl 9 years old. Her mom is the RS President in the Gulu Branch. She was super shy but knew everything perfectly! It was a cool experience. I had completely forgotten that as a District Leader I have to do interviews. But it was a success. There's plenty more for me to do in the future. Yay.....

Sunday we had two baptisms. It was pretty cool having two people ready to be baptized. They are awesome guys. One is called Ivan and the other is called Patrick. Since we were both completely new to the Branch everything about the baptism was super unorganized. We were scrambling everywhere to get the baptism suits and the font ready to go, etc.  The branch president and a lot of the members are awesome people and are always willing to help with the missionary work. I am excited to work in this area! Gulu seems like a great place.

Good job Joey on getting your Eagle Scout stuff finished. You cut it closer than I did! Hopefully it all works out. Also happy birthday! I remember when I was 18. Such a long time ago.

So this is a really really short email. Today I got 3 emails!!!!!!!!!!! Not a whole lot to work with. But its ok because the internet is extremely slow here. I waited for like 45 minutes for everything to load. 

I hope everyone has a great week. I'm just gonna be here suffering from to much sun. I will have more to talk about next week. Thanks for everything!

Love Elder LeCheminant

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