Monday, February 17, 2014


We finished the last week of the transfer great! I will tell you the transfer news later in the email :)

On Tuesday in the morning we went digging again. We had an enjoyable time. For some reason I had tons of energy and was just non stop digging for like an hour straight. I got a lot done. It felt so good to do some hard physical labor. After lunch we had four lessons. One of them was a guy called Walter. He is an interesting person. We have been pushing along with him for like 5 weeks now and he hasn't been showing any real commitment. So we put the ball into his court and let him take the initiative. If he wants to learn more then he will call us. We actually did that to a lot of people this week. There was several investigators that weren't being committed to anything so we gave them the responsibility. Our last lesson was with our recent converts Emmanuel and Flavia. They are the ones that we have been digging with in the mornings. On Tuesday we helped them do FHE. It was pretty fun. We had an opening hymn and spiritual thought and games. I think they really enjoyed it. 

On Wednesday we after lunch one of our lessons was with Tony. We taught him about Eternal Marriage. We talked about the temple last week. He was so excited about the concept of an eternal family. He understood everything about how to have a happy family. If you want to know what the Lord has said about how to have a happy eternal family then go to Lesson 5 in the PMG (Preach My Gospel) and read the section about Eternal Families. There is some good stuff in there. 

Thursday we went digging again in the morning. We almost finished the garden. There is just a small little section at the end that will take another hour to do. In the afternoon we went tracting in a place that we haven't been to for about 4 weeks. It was soo nice tracting in a newish area! It was actually a lot of fun. We found a couple of awesome families of people who have a lot of potential. 

Sunday, yesterday was fun. At church we had 3 investigators. Sacrament attendance was 87. Last week was 88. It was good to see the increase. In the past many weeks it has been hovering around 70. So now we are seeing some progress. There was two visitors at church too! One of them is from Canada. I dont know what he is doing here. Some kind of government work i think. The other guy is a Stake President from Florida. He is working with US Embassy. Its so different to have them at church. They speak normal english that is easy to understand. Its seriously gonna be soo weird coming home and having everyone speak normal English! In the evening after church we went to the Balyejusa family for FHE and dinner. We played an insane game of spoons. There was like 10 people crowded around a tiny table. Every time a round ended, whoever didnt have a spoon had to drink a big glass of water. There was no eliminating, just drinking water. One person lost like 5 times and had to drink 5 huge cups of water. It was super intense and hilarious. He almost peed his pants from so much water. It was a fun way to play spoons. 

Today we cleaned the house in the morning. Then we went to the other elders house. Elder Wanlass made an amazing chocolate cake! It was so good. Then we played some cards. Then we went to a pizza place in Entebbe Town. It was soo good. The pizza was only 26000 shillings and it tasted amazing. I love pizza. Then we came to the internet cafe to start emailing. Basically all day we have been waiting for the ZL's to call and tell us the news for this transfer. Finally it came about 30 minutes ago. Ready? I am going back north to Gulu and I am going to be the District Leader and I am white washing (two new missionaries at the same time). My companion is coming to Uganda from Rwanda. So yea its pretty crazy! I am soo excited to go back north to the village. I kinda like being just a normal missionary but the leadership will be a good change. Hopefully white washing there wont be as hard as it was here in Entebbe. Elder Wulfenstein is staying here and getting a new companion. He is going to be great missionary.  So next Monday I will be emailing from Gulu!! Back to the extreme heat and village. But it isn't very humid there so its a bit more bearable. Entebbe is extremely humid. 

Mom my shoes are still doing pretty good. The insides are wearing out faster than the outside. I think they still have many good months of use. I will let you know when they start to get bad. For now they are doing great. I love them. 

I cant imagine Jacob driving the 6 wheeler all by himself. That is seriously a scary thought! Holy cow!!!!

Happy Birthday to Joey and Sister LeChem!!!! We are getting so old

The first pic is the garden that we have been digging in. Yea its pretty big! 

The other one is a little boy from church. Yesterday at church he came wearing that awesome suit. So I put my name-tag on him. He loved it. He was walking around showing off his name-tag and even put it in his pocket to take home. It was pretty funny. I'm gonna miss that little guy. He always calls me "Muchuminant"!! haha there's another way to say our name. 

Have a fantastic week.
Love me

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