Monday, March 10, 2014

Baptism Interviews Left and Right

Greetings from Uganda!

This week was full of surprises. A lot of unplanned things happened. Well our plans never work out anyways but this week was extra unplanned events.

For starters we had a mission fast from Tuesday to Wednesday; it was an amazing experience. But that along with fasting on Sunday had some side effects. My comp and another Elder in the district got extremely dehydrated and sick Wednesday afternoon. Its soo hot and dry here in the north that fasting for 24 hours is a bit of a challenge. But we survived! So don't worry.

Then Thursday was interesting as well. We didn't get much done in the morning but we were able to go out after lunch and teach some people. We were talking to a couple about the Law of Chastity, then the husband starts to cry and he started telling us that he has another wife that lives in the village.  It was so sad to hear him tell us. So huge bummer! :( Later in the day we did have a great lesson. We taught a lady that we are also preparing for baptism soon. We had Sister Moore (the senior couple in Gulu) and the RS president in our branch come to the lesson. It was an amazing and spiritual lesson. So that was awesome.

Friday after lunch I did a baptism interview for the other Elders. She has been coming to church for about a year now but she is only 18 so she's been coming to church for a long time in order to be baptized. The interview was great even though it took over an hour to do! She is an emotional person and had a lot of things to talk about. But it was a success.Her baptism was on Sunday after church. It was a great baptism. She was so happy to finally be  baptized. After church she invited all of the missionaries to her house to celebrate. She made a cake and on the top she wrote "I am MORMON." It was a cool experience to see someones life change so much from the church.

Saturday morning all of the missionaries went to do service. We went to a member in the other Branch in Gulu. She broke her arm a while ago so she hasn'  t been able to wash clothes. So we spent three hours washing their clothes by hand! It was pretty fun. Then after lunch I wasn't feeling good. I got some small flu and it just knocked me out. So I slept for like 2 hours after lunch. Then I felt better and we went out to work.

Sunday was a great day. Church was great. I played the keyboard again. This time I actually did pretty good and only messed up a few times. In the evening after the baptism celebration we went to teach an investigator called Jackie. She is the wife to Patrick, a guy we baptized the week I got here to Gulu. Jackie reads every pamphlet like 3 times before we teach her. So lessons are basically her teaching us and we just make sure everything is understood. Well we decided to teach her with Patrick. Normally they work at different times so we couldn't see them together, but we got them together last night. We taught the Law of Chastity, then we extended a baptism invitation to Jackie and my heart was pounding like crazy and I couldn't find the words but I felt good about it inside. For some reason it took me forever to get the words straight to ask her the question. She immediately said YES with no hesitation at all. She said she was even ready to be baptized today. Well that made me so happy inside. Then I told her that Patrick will be receiving the priesthood and he will have the authority to baptize. She instantly got super excited and almost jumped out of her chair at the thought of her husband baptizing her. So that was a memorable experience. I love that family a lot.

Yay for Dad's surgery going good. I knew it would all be ok.
Lucky everyone gets to travel and have fun for spring break. Wish I could do that... haha :)

Holy cow super sad story about the Obergs dairy barn burning down. I kinda had tears in my eyes when I was reading the article. I don't know why they were there or where they came from. Haha tears are weird.

Love Elder LeCheminant

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