Monday, March 17, 2014

P-day At Chobe

Another week down. This week was pretty interesting. As usual a lot of unplanned events happened.

For starters, Wednesday in the morning we had our DDM. It was really awesome. As the DL I am in charge of planning it. Its kinda hard sometimes planning out the meeting every week. Like I still haven't planned the one for this week. Woohoo. Anyways one of the Elders gave a training about patience and I gave a training about forgiveness. It was really awesome. The spirit was there pretty strong. After that my companion got kinda sick again and we didnt go out to work. Then the AP's showed up to work with us. So I got to go out for the evening on Wednesday with one of the AP's. It was good to get out after sitting around all day.

Thursday morning President Chatfield came to do interviews with all of us. He has been going around the whole mission doing interviews. I love President Chatfield. He always encourages me so much to keep working hard. After all of the interviews the 8 of us had a meeting with him for an hour where he talked about a few things and then we were able to ask him any questions. It was a great experience. After that we had PIZZA for lunch!! Then we went out to work with one of the AP's again. It was a good experience. We spent most of the day finding people because we had to drop some people from our teaching pool. There was one funny experience. We met this old guy as we were walking. He stopped to talk to us. He said his name is Modest. Then he made it into an acronym. Man Of Discipline Educated Social Trustworthy. Haha it was so random and hilarious. We were just messing around with him and having a good time.

Friday and Saturday were just days of normal work. It did rain finally on Friday!!! It was so amazing. It was just drizzly rain all day long. It made things actually kinda cold. At night it is like 70 degrees now and I get kinda cold. I used to sweat to death at 70 degrees!! Saturday evening we met with Jackie. She is preparing to be baptized on the 23rd. Jackie is probably the most prepared person I have ever met for the gospel. Her and her husband Patrick are just amazing people. Jackie taught us the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson.

Sunday was a good day. At church there were improvements in the Branch. Patrick received the Priesthood! So now he can baptize his wife Jackie! Super exciting. He also gave a powerful talk in church about Hope, he was using scriptures all over the Book Of Mormon and D&C and he has only been a member for like 3 weeks! They are an amazing family. After sacrament we helped the Branch start a nursery. It was kinda hectic. But it needed to happen because all of the young babies were disturbing the Primary. Now we just need to train the new nursery leader how to run the nursery. Also, another good things that happened was that many of the recent converts received callings; Even Patrick. He was called to be the 2nd counselor in Sunday School. After church for lunch I made homemade caramel syrup and pancakes. Holy cow it was AMAZING!! Haha
 I just remembered that I also rolled my ankle pretty bad, I heard it pop really loud then it kinda hurt to walk for a while. Now it is just sore but nothing serious. It reminded me of dad messing up his ankle.

Then there is today. Today is probably one of my favorite Pdays. 5 of us went to Chobe. That is the safari lodge that I went to when I was in Lira forever ago. But we went today and it was amazing. We saw TONS of monkeys and baboons. Like hundreds of them all over the road. It was amazing. We also saw tons of giraffe, deer, and warthogs. At the lodge we got breakfast. Holy cow that was amazing. It cost 30000 but it was sooo much amazing food. Then I took a nap for an hour. It's soo peaceful falling asleep to the sound of the Nile River and birds and animals everywhere. Chobe is such a beautiful place. I love it there!!! On the way out we saw an Elephant!!! That is a beautiful creature. God is good at making amazing animals. The elephant had been rolling around in mud then we watched it scratch its whole body on a tree. I love elephants. Today was just an amazing day. Chobe is amazing its so hard to describe. At some point I will try to send some pics. :)

Also today I filled my memory card for my camera! I never thought it was possible but I did it. I think I will send it home with Elder Hofheins and you can get it from him when you go to Provo next month. There's lots of pics on it :)

I dont really know what else to say. Have a good week all! Until next week. One of my favorite quotes from Singles Ward 2

"He never said it would be easy, he only said it would be worth it."

I love that movie. Haha.... I will probably remember a lot of important things in a few hours. Oh well.

Love Elder LeCheminant

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