Monday, March 31, 2014

The District Meeting and Johnny Lingo

Well this week we still worked hard and did our best!!!

Tuesday I did exchanges in my district. I went with Elder Allred in his area. Elder Allred is from Kaysville and he came the same time as me but he came from Provo MTC not South Africa. We had an enjoyable time working together. He is a good guy and has good desires to work hard. So the exchange was successful!

Wednesday we had an awesome District meeting. I decided to watch Johny Lingo. I got a copy of it from another missionary. So we watched the old version of Johnny Lingo and spent 30 minutes talking about what we learned from the movie. We had a great discussion about the potential that people have and how we cannot be someones' judge. Everyone has Godly potential and it is our job to bring that out. Also we talked about pride and a bunch of other principles that come from Johnny Lingo. It was a great meeting! I like to do things that are different for my district meetings.
In the afternoon we had an awesome activity. There is a big supermarket in Gulu Town called Uchumi. We gathered all of the materials we had like Books of Mormon, Liahonas, pamphlets, pass-along cards, etc. Then we set up two tables with all of these materials and invited the prospective missionaries from both Branches. Starting at 4:00 we spent 3 hours contacting people and handing out everything. It was a huge success. The prospective missionaries did an amazing job talking to people and spreading the good news of the church. We wanted to do this activity because there are a lot of people in Gulu that have never heard of the church before. SO we used this to help spread the name of the church. At the end of the day we had a total of around 200 contacts of people that wanted to learn more. Pretty dang awesome!! That was a great experience and I think we are going to try and make it a once a transfer thing here in Gulu.

Sunday Church went very well except that we had only one investigator come. The sacrament attendance went up again. It has been steadily going up every week since I have been here. In Gulu the Sacrament attendance was dropping significantly and it got down to the 50's. Well now it is in the 80's and still going up!

Today we got our transfer news! Yea last week was the last of the transfer. So now it is a new transfer. I am staying in my area. Elder Phiri is going to Kampala to an area called Makindye. My new companion is a Congolese (from DRC) called Elder Mukengeshayi. Has been in Rwanda and is coming back to Uganda. He is coming on Thursday so I get to go a few days with no companion. Yay!

I cant believe that its April! My Birthday is in like 17 days! What? I am almost no longer a teenager. What is happening to me.....

Thats so weird that all of these young ones are getting their mission calls. What is happening to the world?
I got a Dearelder letter from Jana Bell. Thanks!! I love receiving letters!

We dont get to watch or listen to conference live here because it would be in the middle of the night. So we have to wait like two weeks after for them to send us the DVDs then we watch the DVDs at church with the Branch. Yay for being in Uganda.

I was cooking some eggs a few days ago. I cracked one and poured it into a bowl with a bunch of eggs to beat them together first. I realized after I put the egg in the bowl that it was all green. Then I smelled it. Holy cow rotten eggs smell sooooo bad!!! I literally almost puked. That was my first time to experience a real rotten egg. It was horrible.

I dont remember anything else exciting. Have a great week!

Love the Mzungu

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