Monday, April 7, 2014

Companion-less Designated Driver

Transfer week is always crazy. This was an especially crazy one.
So basically all day Tuesday was spent going around with Elder Phiri and Hofheins so they could say goodbye to people. That was an adventure. Then They left on Wednesday in the morning at like 6:00 to go to Kampala.

So all 4 of us missionaries here in Gulu were left with no companion. Also the truck was left here. Normally the ZL's are the only ones allowed to drive. But Elder Hofheins was gone and the other ZL doesn't have a license in Uganda. So that left me as the designated driver. I was driving all day on Wednesday. Since all 4 of us had no companion we basically just spent the day bouncing around all 4 areas for the whole day. That was super exciting. Then on Thursday I got to drive to a place called Kamdini. Its basically the split on the road north where you go straight and go to Gulu or you turn and go to Lira. The Lira Senior couple brought up one Elder for us in Gulu; so I got to drive to Kamdini to pick him up. The other three came with our Gulu senior couple on Friday. The drive to Kamdini was fun. It takes about an hour. The road is terrible though and full of huge potholes and crazy drivers. The truck was a blast to drive. Here we drive on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road. And our truck is a manual transmission. Soo haha to Andy! You cant tell me I cant drive stick :)

Anyways, my new comp finally came on Friday. Three days with no companion kinda sucked. I'm happy he is here. He is Elder Mukengeshayi. He is from Kinshasa DRCongo. He speaks French and he is 8 months on his mission now. When he first came he didn't know any English. He is still learning English so communication is a challenge at some points. We have to do English language study everyday; so this is an interesting change. He is a good person though and wants to work hard.

Saturday and Sunday we just spent our time going around visiting people. I was mostly just showing him around the area and letting him get to know our people. This is going to be an interesting transfer. But I feel like we are going to have a good time.

Mom I got the package! It came up with the transfers. Thanks a bunch. I am only a teenager for like 2 more weeks. What?!
Today I ran out of shaving cream. SO Idk what Im gonna do now. I will try to find some at a supermarket here but it most likely will not be very good.

I sent my SD card completely filled with pics with Elder Hofheins. I gave him mom and dads cell phone numbas so he should be calling you at some point.

I cant wait until we get Conference DVD's in a couple weeks! It seems lilke it was a good conference.

I also just looked at the google+ thingy. It looks pretty cool but new. I will try uploading pics to that sometime and see how it works.

Have a good week!
Love Elder LeCheminant

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