Monday, April 28, 2014

Stressful Week with a Great Ending

This was a stressful week.  I won't dwell on it. But we got over it and now everything is great!!! :)

The whole week we struggled to get lessons, most days it seemed like everyone in gulu had their phone off. So that was a challenge to push through.

Tuesday was a good day. At night we taught a nice family. Their names are Geoffrey and Consy. They are very receptive and love all of the lessons. We were able to set a baptism date with both of them. That was exciting. They are so willing to be baptized. So they are now preparing for the 18 May. I seriously hope and pray that both of them progress together. It would be such a great experience to baptize a husband and wife together. They also have a brand new baby of about 4 weeks! So it might be hard to progress Consy but we will do our best.

Wednesday in the morning we had DDM (district development meeting). I organized some role-plays to help with weekly planning. It was great for the whole district and we learned a lot of things that we can do better with weekly planning. In the afternoon we went and taught Eve. She is preparing for baptism on the 4 May. She is doing great and loves the gospel. I cant remember if I already told you about her but she came to church 3 weeks ago and told us she just felt like coming. She had never been before and had never met the missionaries. and now we are preparing her for baptism! I love it when that happens.

Thursday was pretty rough. In the morning we had a full schedule of people appointments. We begin calling everyone to confirm appointments and NOBODY had their phone on. So we just had to go and wing it all day. At night we did get an awesome new investigator. We were walking to the Branch presidents house. Just before we got there this guy comes out of his house and calls for us. He starts talking and asking tons of questions about the church. He had been invited to FHE (family home evening) and Institute by the branch president a while back. So we went and sat down and taught him the Restoration and he was just super excited about all of it! He was definitely prepared to meet us. That was really fun to meet him. Oh yea haha his name is Peterson.

Church on Sunday was fantastic!! Our new Branch President is incredible. We had PEC at 8:30 in the morning and he started on time and didn't wait for others to show up. Then the church block meetings all went great. We had 72  in sacrament attendance and most were adults. In the past about half of the congregation were children. Now most of the kids don't come (most of them were strays from the road) and the congregation is mostly adults. After church we had the best Branch Council meeting I have ever been to in my life. The branch president did such a good job at keeping it organized and focused on things that the auxiliary leaders need to do to help the branch. So the branch is doing great.

 Mom and dad you are making me jealous that you are in Utah seeing everyone!!! I am stuck here in the middle of Africa.

I never expected to be getting a new cousin! Congrats Annelise. That was a huge surprise to read. Rick and Kathryn, Now we need some others to come along so they can all grow up the same age! hahahaha

I got my Easter box!! The candy is soo good! My companion liked his Easter basket/box thing too. Thanks so much! I have already finished most of it, with the help  of some other missionaries.

Why would you leave Joey and Sarah at home by themselves? I trust the dog more than them! Haha totally joking. :) Moose is a good babysitter.

If you need pics for my blog page then you will have 16 GB worth of pics from my card that the Hofheins have.

Me and elder Allred in our Lava-lavas! We got them from Elder Hofheins when he left. You can show it to them when you see him. 

This is the baptism a couple weeks ago. The one who baptized her is now the branch president. 

And then a sweet pic of a giraffe that I took! 

Love, Elder LeCheminant

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