Sunday, May 4, 2014


We had a perty good week this week. People were actually around!! I don't have much time so this will be a bit less detailed. 

On Thursday we worked with one of the Zone Leaders. It was a great day. We were teaching an investigator called Peterson. He is an awesome guy. While teaching he told us that his father was baptized like 3 years ago. So we were able to find him!! We met with him yesterday and he is awesome. He has a powerful testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon. He just stopped coming to church. Kinda Lame. But its ok! We are now going to be visiting him and teaching his son Peterson. So we will complete the family and reactivate at the same time. Exciting!

On Friday we had the baptism interview for Eve. We did a quick exchange with the ZL's. After the interview we had about 30 min before our companions were done with a lesson they were in. So we went to visit Patrick. We planned to review the Restoration with him. Right before going in we decided we wanted to try doing it in 10 minutes. Challenge accepted! The lesson turned out amazing!! We did it in 15 minutes from start to finish. We transitioned like ever 30 seconds. It flowed so well and the spirit was so strong! So that was pretty cool. I used to do that with Elder Buyers. It was pretty dang exciting. 

Sunday we had a baptism. She chose me to baptize her. I don't know why but people always choose me to baptize them! Why?!?!? Haha anyways the baptism service was a good success. 

I'm super jealous that you got to be in Utah to see so many people! That would be pretty shweet if the Hofheins came up to AK next summer. Did you get the bags? I have the video of the elephant on my SD card here. Maybe sometime I will try to send it. That was pretty fun!! I wasnt hiding the story from you. I was just letting him tell it.

Congrats to Jose! Haha getting a mission call is always super exciting. Spanish speaking is also cool I guess... :) Sometimes I wish that I was able to learn Spanish or Portuguese. But instead I get to learn a bit of several African languages! It will be a  whole nother year till I get to see Jose. Kinda sad... :)

Sorry mom for forgetting to tell you! Haha I have had my card ever since I got the box! I just kept forgetting to tell you every week. 

The plan for calling on Sunday is... I don't know!! :) Since we didn't try to organize a time earlier I will just tell you what I decided. If it doesn't work then Im sorry. it will have to work :) I think since you have church at 9:00 here it is 8:00 pm on Sunday. So that you don't have to get up early, I think I can call Monday morning here at like 7:00; then It will be 8 pm Sunday night there. Hopefully it will work!! If that doesn't work for me then I will just call and surprise you and you will have to talk to me no matter what ;)

No time left! Have a good week. Love, Me!

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