Monday, May 19, 2014

Mango Season

This was a pretty good week. I dont have time to go into much detail. Everyday was good. Just going to work and teaching people. 

First of all. Its mango season!! There's sooo many mangoes everywhere. And every person we go to just gives us tons of mangoes. I've never seen so many mangoes in my life. But they are sooooo good!!! 

On Friday we were teaching my favorite family ever. They are Patrick and Jackie. I baptized the whole family a couple months ago. Anyways, they are all doing amazing. The whole family is super active and participates in everything and actually lives the gospel and keeps the commitments that we give them. That doesn't happen very much.  They even come all together and even sit together. On Friday we were just having a nice discussion and answering some of their questions. We found that Patrick is now in Mosiah in the Book Of Mormon and Jackie is partway through Jacob. Its so awesome! And they understand the stories and things that are taught. They are the best family. The Book Of Mormon is true and works miracles when you actually use it.

On Saturday and Sunday an Elder was really sick. So on Saturday I went out and worked with his companion and we covered both areas. My comp stayed home with him. It was a great day.  Elder Antony, is from Kenya. He is super humble and willing to work. I loved working with him for the day. We had a great time. Then Sunday after church I stayed home and the other comps worked together in their area. We just sat there all day talking and listening to talks. Today he is doing a lot better. I had to take care of my district so I even sacrificed a couple good days. But I know it was worth it. 

Today a few of us went into town and had lunch at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was pretty good. Then we went to a hair cutting place and got FREE HEAD MASSAGES!! It was super nice. I feel so good right now. She wasn't a professional massager so it wasn't as good as when a pro does it. But it still felt nice. For Uganda it was pretty good. Haha 

That's so awesome that David Polley got his mission call. Super exciting!!
There's so many people going out on their missions now. 

Sarah and Joey are getting to old

Sister Moore suggested something to put in packages. Chocolate Chips!! Cus those don't exist in Uganda. I would love some to make some banana choco chip cookies. But if you send some make sure its the semi-sweet ones so they don't melt. 

Also yesterday I made the cheesecake pudding from my last box. It was soooo good!!! You should send a lot of those. Especially the banana flavored ones. :)

Have a great week. 

Elder Chem

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