Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Area Duty

So this week was pretty hectic. An Elder was really sick the whole week! We went to a clinic in town to get him tested to see what he was sick with. They found E Coli in the stool sample and a bunch of random bacteria and parasites in the blood sample. They prescribed some medication. It worked and now he is recovered. 

Due to that I had to take care of two areas for the entire week. On Tuesday and Thursday we worked in my area then on Wednesday and Friday we worked in his area. Each day the three of us Elders took a turn staying home. Finally on Saturday he was feeling better and was able to go out and work for a while. 

There were a lot of people that we weren't able to visit or teach throughout the week. But we did the best we could with the situation! I couldn't let myself let anything happen in their area for the whole week.  

On Friday we had an interesting experience. While trying to visit a less active, her mother showed up. She doesn't speak English so she started yelling at us in Acholi. Then a neighbor woman came over and was doing the same thing but she could speak English. We just listened to her for a while. Every once in a while we would throw a nice question at her and then she would avoid it and go on preaching nonsense to us. But I was patient and let her finish then we just left. 

Its amazing how misled some people are! Satan is sooo good at leading people away from the truth and bringing out false doctrines that are pleasing to the natural man. Its so frustrating for us as missionaries because it can cause a lot of problems when we are trying to proclaim the truth. So there was one fun experience for you! ;)

That's pretty cool that Mr. Fry is going to teach in Africa. Which country is he going to?!?!?! Africa is the best place ever!

Oh yea, dad, I'm sure there are tons of opportunities to do surgery in Africa. I know that Uganda needs some serious help with its health care. There is a General Surgeon that lives in our compound that is from Siberia. There are probably tons of hospitals around or some kind of American organization that could use a surgeon. 

Haha funny of the week, Mom, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting on Sunday as well. And I also talked about the Plan of Salvation. Haha what a coincidence. Except I only used my scriptures and my mind. I had nothing written down or anything. So I just talked for 10 minutes! Its amazing how being a missionary I don't have to spend hours preparing something like at home. I can just stand there and talk about most of the gospel topics for an hour no problem. 

The world really is coming to an end. Sarah is 16!! Hahahah ;)
Happy birthday.

One more thing I just remembered. I wanted to put a plug in for Senior Couple Missionaries. The world needs more Senior Couples!!!!! We just found out that there has been a 40% decline in applications for Senior Couples. Especially Africa needs more. In the Uganda Kampala Mission there are about 6 couples leaving by September this year and there are currently no couples planned to come and replace them. 90% of Couples assigned to this mission decline when they receive their call. The problem is Africa wide. In the Area office in South Africa there were 5 couples working for the area presidency; now they are down to 2 with no one coming to replace the others. We need more Senior Couples!!!!!!!!!! 
Thanks for listening :)

Here is a picture of of Ethiopian Food we had today for lunch. Its soo good! The white stuff is called Injera. You eat it with hands. It is soo good.

Have a great week!!
Love Elder LeChem

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