Monday, June 2, 2014

Security Alert in Gulu

Wow it seems like a lot of crazy things happened this week!

This week was good but not much happened. In one of the parts of our area kinda most of our investigators were dropped and we were not able to find anyone at all.We used to have tons of people but we have basically stopped teaching them due to not being serious. So it made our teaching pool suffer a lot! We have two people we are currently preparing for baptism in June. Then we have about 5 other investigators.  So our plan for this week is to start working in a part of the area that I have never worked in.  Missionaries haven't been there for at least 5 months. I hope that we will be able to find some good people and build up our teaching pool again.

There is one cool experience that happened. One of the people we are preparing for baptism is called Beatrice. She is an old momma that is amazing. We are preparing her for next sunday. She is like 49 years old and a super humble and fun person to be around. Every time we show up she just gets super happy and has the biggest smile ever. Even at church she is just always happy and smiling. So on Wednesday we taught her the Word Of Wisdom. She understood all of it and was soo willing to give up coffee and tea. Tea is huge here. Its kinda a cultural thing that the British brought to Uganda.
 Everyone drinks some kind of tea and they are always super stubborn when it comes to the word of wisdom. Most people have no desire to leave their traditions. Anyways, Beatrice was really good about it. When we finished the lesson she got up and went to her little kitchen hut and came back with a container of Tea. She gave it to us and told us to take it. I was actually really surprised. Then we promised to bring her a plant called Lemon Grass that she can put in her garden to use instead of Tea. Lemon Grass is a special kind of grass that grows really tall. You pick it and just boil it in water and it makes the water kinda sweet and lemony flavored. Its sooo good!! So on Saturday morning we took her some and now it is planted in her garden. I love that momma.

This week the missionaries in Gulu were put on a security alert. We have to be home at 7:30 at the latest every night. Over the past week there was a huge group of thieves that came up in northern Uganda. They have been causing a lot of problems. I wont go into details of whats been happening. :) But the military and police are doing patrols everywhere starting at 8:00 every night and they arrest anyone who is out. This is in order to catch the thieves. So we go home early now until it settles down. But don't worry!! During the day we are safe and there is no real danger.
Yesterday in the evening when we came home I made a ton of No Bake Cookies. They were soo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also last week I made a bunch of banana cookies. They are also amazing. I am going to make some this week but try and add some cocoa powder because there are no chocolate chips here. All the missionaries in Gulu love me because I can bake delicious stuff. :)

Church yesterday was awesome!! As usual I played the piano in sacrament meeting. I have been doing that every week since being in Gulu. Well last week I decided to actually practice a bit. I know ,crazy idea to practice!! Haha I found out that I can play a lot of the hymns two handed just after like 5-10 minutes of practicing. Usually I just play one hand because two hands is super hard. But the hymns for Sunday I practiced and was able to play them two handed for sacrament meeting. It was pretty cool!! I never knew I could do that!!!!! It helped the spirit to be there so much more during the hymns when I played two hands than just one hand. So that was a cool thing that happened. I am still learning a lot of the hymns.

I'm glad that nothing too serious happened to the B-road Trip. Only just tires falling off the car and the car being parked in the side of a building. Haha that sounds a lot worse than it actually was. Life is just moving on! Things are gonna be so different in a year.
Everyone is getting all grown up. Its exciting to hear about what is going on with everyone in the fam. I love you all :)

The pictures are just some that we took at the church yesterday while we were waiting for people to come.

Dad I want some pics of the fishing trip last weekend so I can show everyone what life is like for us Alaskans. And also of home and the mountains and places around. I don't have any pictures from home. :)

Love ME

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