Monday, June 16, 2014

Commitments and One Giant Snake

This week went much better. I forgot my planner today so I'm doing this completely by memory! 

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. It was a great day and we did a lot of finding. We found several really awesome families. One guy has a huge house and a car and he was very humble and willing to learn about the gospel. We found out on Saturday that he is actually the uncle to our branch mission leader. Yay for instant fellow-shipper! I love it when that happens. 

Wednesday in the morning our District meeting was really awesome. We did some role plays and talked a lot about Chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel which is all about COMMITMENTS. I love our district meetings, but not being in charge of them. I always forget to plan it out until like Tuesday night. In the evening we met with my RC called Jackie. I love her family. She is amazing. She had gone to Kampala the week before for a teachers conference because she is a high school English teacher. So while there she went to the Stake Center which has the distribution center. She ended up buying a bunch of movies and books. One of them was Our Heritage. She read the entire thing in like 2 days. It made me so happy inside. Her husband Patrick is also the best guy ever. 

Thursday morning we did some service for about 3 hours. We went and worked in the garden of a member in the Gulu Branch. 

Saturday we started teaching the children of Beatrice, who was baptized last week. She has 3 kids staying at home right now. They will be baptized the first week of July. So we are now working on completing the family. At night we had a zone dinner at a recent converts house in the ZL's area. It was soo awesome! The food was amazing. Before we ate we sang hymns for like 30 minutes. So 8 missionaries plus the family all singing hymns. It was powerful. The hymns always bring the spirit stronger than anything else. 

Sunday at church, we had the confirmation of Beatrice. When she came up to the front and sat in the chair they were asking her who she wanted to confirm her. While they were doing that I got up to hold the microphone because nobody else was doing it. So I was just standing there holding the mic waiting for them to confirm her. Then the Branch Pres turned to me and said she wanted me to do it. I was really surprised! But I couldn't say no in front of everyone. It was the first time I have ever confirmed someone. It went great and was a good experience for all of us. :)

Today for Pday all of us went to a trade fair that is in town this week. They also had a little animal exhibit from the ZOO in Entebbe. It was pretty sweet. They had a lion, leopard, crane, monkey, ostrich, and snake. The snake was HUGE. It was at least 15 feet long. We asked if they could take it out and let us hold it for a zone picture. They said yes. So 3 workers were taking it out of its box. The snake got super mad and struck and bit the arm of one of them. Blood was flowing everywhere and the even some skin on the snake was taken off from it struggling in the box. Haha we were all standing there watching and kinda getting freaked out. But the workers were awesome and didn't even flinch. It took all three of them to carry it out. Then the one that was bit went and took care of his wound. All 8 of us put it on our backs and took tons of pictures. I even held it by myself. :) The whole time a worker was holding its head so it couldn't do anything. It was pretty dang exciting.. Haha I thought this would be a cool story to tell. Dont worry. We were completely safe and the guy that was bit is ok. 

This week is the last week of the transfer :) yay!!!!!

Thats pretty cool about the YW camp. I remember when we did the YM camp. It was a great experience!

Mom I want a family pic with all of the stuff that I sent you. The ties, bags, paintings, etc. You can send it through the email. Thanks! :)

Dad you make me miss the boat. I tell people about it here and they are all super jealous of me. haha :)

The world cup is going on now in Brazil!! Everyone here watches it. Good thing is that all the games are during the night here so it doesnt interfere with the work. I am starting to like Soccer a lot. I am terrible at playing it but I like to watch. Every once in a while we walk by a shop that is showing a game and I just want to stop and watch. Haha sometimes missionary life sucks. TV and music are so hard to stay away from! Today USA and Ghana are playing each other. That's one game that I really want to watch :( oh well

Have a great week everyone. I love all of you. The church is true. 

Elder LeCheminant

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