Monday, June 9, 2014

A Hard Week With Lots of Blessings!

Well this week was a bit of a challenge. At least things have settled down in Gulu so we can now work until 9:00 again. It was soo hard to have to go home at 7:00! I felt like we didn't have enough time to do anything. We would go out, visit a couple people, then teach a lesson, then only have like 1 hour till we had to go home. It was kinda frustrating. But we did the best we can.

On Tuesday in the morning the whole zone went and did service. We went and helped a member finish the walls of his hut. It was all made of mud. Mud bricks and mud "cement". We had a great time playing in the mud and building his house/hut.

Wednesday and Thursday we were only able to visit a couple of people then had to go home, so nothing happened. On Friday we did exchanges. I went with Elder Allred into his area and our comps worked in my area. It was an interesting day and a lot of the plans fell through.

Saturday was a bit better. In our area we taught an investigator called Joel. He is awesome! He has been living in a village about 15 kilometers away. But he rides his bike for two hours to come and let
us teach him and also to go to church. Then rides his bike back another two hours. Pretty awesome! 

In the evening we taught a new family. They are Job and Kathy. They were super humble and willing to listen to us. They enjoyed the Restoration and were willing to continue to learn more. I hope that they will progress! One funny that happened. Usually here people always like to feed us or give us
something after we are done teaching. Its a cultural thing. A lot of times people just give us some soda. The normal soda is in 300 ml glass bottles. So Kathy went to get us some soda. When she came back I was expecting the little 300 ml bottles. She puts two 1 Liter bottles of soda on the table. One for each of us! I was confused for like thirty seconds and then my brain finally realized that I was going to have to drink the whole thing. I felt like it wouldn't be good to ask them if we could take it home. So we sat there until we each finished our 1 Liter of soda. Holy cow it was soooo much to drink all at once. Me and my comp were just laughing about it afterwards.

Sunday was a hard day. Nothing went right except for our baptism. It seemed that everything was working against us. Church was a huge struggle and even afterwards things were just not going good. I felt like going to bed and crying myself to sleep! But now I have moved on and I am happy :)

Our baptism service was pretty awesome! Beatrice was soo happy the whole time. She went in the water so well and wasn't even afraid at all. I was the one that baptized her. It seems that everyone always wants me to baptize them! Its ok though. :) After the baptism she was given some time to bear her testimony. She did it in the local language because she isn't very good with English. The gift of the interpretation of tongues is real!!! Even though I cant speak Acholi, I was able to understand bits and pieces of her testimony. Even better was that I could feel the strong spirit of her testimony and I knew that it was sincere and true.

In the July Liahona there is a part where it talks about the apostles traveling around the world. It mentions Elder Bednar speaking in Uganda! Haha I was there way back in January!!!

Thats awesome that you were all able to go to the temple with Jose. Every time you talk about going to the temple I get super jealous. I kinda miss the temple a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uganda needs a temple.

Time is up! Have a good week. Enjoy the surprise at the post office! ;)
Elder LeCheminant

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