Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello, Iganga!

Well this week was long. 

On Tuesday we spent the day going around saying goodbye to my people. It was really hard. I only made two people cry though! So that was pretty good. Haha ;) I loved the people in Gulu especially my RC's. I hated having to say goodbye and not knowing when I will be able to see them again. Being transferred is not fun sometimes. Then I spent some time packing. I managed to get all of my things into both suitcases and my other bag. It had to pack really carefully so it could all fit. My big suitcase weighed at least 100 pounds!! Haha it was sooo heavy. It took two people to carry. Its a good thing I'm not taking all of that stuff home with me. 

Wednesday morning I woke up at 6:00 am. I finished up packing and then we left at 7:00. The Moore's drove us to Kampala. We arrived in the Ntinda house at around 1:00. The Ntinda house is where the AP's and all the Senior Couples in Kampala stay. I was expecting to stay there for the night and then leaveThursday morning, but of course that didn't happen. As soon as we arrived they told us we were leaving in 30 minutes. Yay for no rest after 5 hours of driving. We then left at around 1:30 and I didn't arrive in Iganga until around 4:30. I was soooooo tired from sitting in a car ALL day. But now I am in Iganga and I am driving!

Thursday in the morning we went and did some service. Iganga is about 85% muslim so tracting is not really effective and mornings are really hard if we don't have any appointments. So we went and did service. We just spent the day going around visiting people. My comp is Elder Latola. he is from South Africa. He is a great guy and is really fun to teach with. Iganga is municipality. So it is bigger than a town and smaller than a city. But it is still considered a village. If you go anywhere outside of town then it is pretty villagey. 

Friday morning at 9:00 we left to go to Kampala. It takes about 3 hours to drive to Kampala from Iganga, depending on how bad traffic is. It was fun to drive in Kampala. It is insane. There's a million vehicles packed on the roads and Boda-Bodas (motorcycle taxis) literally flying by everywhere. Its pretty crazy. We went to the mission office to get some supplies and do some stuff, then we went to the distribution center to get requested things from the elders in the zone. Then MLC started at 3:00 at the mission home. it was with all of the Zone Leaders in the mission. The ZL's from Rwanda come every other month. In Ethiopia there are two zones so each zone switches every month to come for MLC. The meeting was awesome. We discussed about how the mission is doing and talked about some changes. There is one big change. The first presidency sent a letter to all church leaders saying that Lesson 5 in Ch 3 of Preach My Gospel now must be taught before baptism, not only after baptism. So now we teach people about eternal families, service in the church, priesthood/auxiliaries, etc before they get baptized. There was a lot of other things we discussed. The meeting ended around 7:00 and then President Chatfield took all of us out to dinner. We went to a buffet at this super super nice hotel. It was so nice that I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel somewhere in the US, not in Uganda. The food was soooooooo good and we got as much as we wanted. I loved it! Haha Im excited for next month to see where they take us for dinner. We stayed at the Ntinda House on Friday night. 

Saturday in the morning we went to do some things and get the truck serviced. Then at around 1:00 we left to go back to Iganga. The drive was really really long. It took like 2 hours to get out of Kampala because traffic was ridiculous, but we arrived in Iganga safely. At night on the way home we stopped at a Supermarket to get some shtuff. The people that owned it are Muslims from Pakistan. One guy was talking to me for like 30 minutes about Islam and things they believe. He really wanted to tell me about Islam; it all started when I told him that we were missionaries teaching people about Jesus Christ. So that was an interesting experience. Muslims have a lot in common with us regarding beliefs. 

Sunday church was pretty good. It was really weird though; I felt so out of place because I didn't know anyone at all. But it was a good set of meetings. One crazy thing is that a lot of the primary age kids could speak like perfect English!!! That never happened in Gulu. The kids loved me though and were always hanging on me and talking to me. Last night we had to take the weekly numbers for the whole zone and then report them to the AP's. I was the one reporting to the AP's and I read the wrong numbers THREE TIMES!! Haha I was laughing pretty hard because we had to start over so much. Of course I had to mess up on my first time reporting. 

So that was my adventurous week of constant traveling.

I got my box!!! Thanks so much. I ate the whole package of goldfish in like 10 minutes. It was soooooo delicous. My shoes are still doing good but some of my socks are starting to get worn out. They are the ones from missionary mall and they are awesome! 

Enjoy the 4th of July! I probably wont do anything to celebrate because I am literally the only American or white person in all of Iganga!!! But in my heart I will celebrate :)

Enjoy the week! 
Here is a cool sunset picture that I took in Gulu before I left. I also saw Elder Mgijima for the first time since I left Lira forever ago! 

Elder LeCheminant

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