Monday, July 7, 2014

An Awesome Week!

So this week was pretty dang awesome!

Tuesday we went and did some service in the morning for a member. Then we went and taught a lady that was just baptized called Loy. She even invited a friend called Sam to come and meet us. So we will be starting to teach him. Later we drove 30 KM to a guy that was just baptized called Jared. He is awesome and comes to church every week! We are continuing to teach him and also a relative called Robert who we are preparing for baptism this month. Its a good thing we have the truck because they stay pretty far away from town. 

Wednesday we had ZDM (zone development meeting). Since it was a zone meeting we the ZL's were in charge. We talked about all of the discussion points that were at MLC last week. It was a great meeting. The zone is awesome!! Later we taught an investigator called David. He also stays a bit far away in the village. It is like 15ish minute drive from town. But he comes to church and is very prepared for the gospel so we are planning to baptize him later this month as well. 

Thursday we went and did some service again. It was at the Relief Society garden. The Branch here has a garden. They grow potatoes, beans, cassava, and several different green plants. It is open for any member who needs food to go and pick something and also for church activities they use the stuff they grow so they can save some money in the Branch's budget. Its an awesome idea! Anyways, we spent about 2 hours digging in the garden. Later we met with Loy and also went out to visit Jared again. 

Saturday in the morning we went to visit an RC called Waiswa. Unfortunately he wasn't there, but we were able to find another guy that stays next to Waiswa. His name is Akram. He used to be Muslim. HE is about 22 and works as an English and Literature teacher at a secondary school in Iganga. He was very well prepared to hear from us. So I believe we were meant to teach him and not Waiswa. Akram even came to church on Sunday which was awesome! After that we went on an adventure to the village! This was not just to the village, but we went deep into the village. We were referred to a member family who moved to the village a few months ago. They haven't come to church because it is a bit far away. They told us it would take maybe 15-20 minutes to drive there so we agreed thinking it wouldn't be very far. We had the RS President and a young boy who was related to the family with us to direct the way. We just continued to drive and drive and they just said keep going. As we went the dirt road slowly got smaller and smaller until it was barely the size of the truck. We continued to go for about an hour!! Then finally we reached their house. It was a beautiful place. Next to the house was a big rock/hill that I had to go and climb. So I convinced everyone to go up it. It took about 15 minutes to get to the top. The view was incredible. We could see green and rolling hills forever on all sides. We also took a bunch of pictures. The family was super happy to see us. We sat with them talking for like two hours. We even ended up teaching a few guys that stayed close by who wanted to hear from us. It was a great experience. It was so beautiful out there that I didn't want to leave. We got back to Iganga town at around 6:00. We were starving so we took a super late lunch. Then we went to visit Jared and Robert. We taught them about temples and the priesthood and missionary work. It was a great lesson. I love talking about the temple!!

I am short on time so I will just stop there for the week. 
Iganga Zone has three districts each with two companionships. Iganga, Bugembe, and Mpummude. The other two districts are right next to each other but Iganga is about a 30 minute drive from each. Bugembe has a new beautful built chapel! Its so nice. Elder Latola and I are both ZL's together. Most of the Zones have the ZL's as companions. But some zones, like Gulu, Lira, and Mbale, the ZL's are in separate companionships. Every zone has two Zone Leaders as usual.   

For 4th of July I didnt do anything. It kinda sucked. In Jinja a bunch of the Elders are from the US so they got together to celebrate. I didn't go because Iganga is about 40 minutes from Jinja and I am the only american so It kinda would have been pointless for the others. But it was still a good day and I celebrated in my heart! 

Mom sorry but my curly blond hair is not there anymore. Now it is just super short African style. Oh and thanks for the new blades and the new shirt. :) But I do have to say that whoever invented Cookie Butter is a genius! That stuff is amazing!!!!!!!! 

So there's the week. I cant remember anything else that I wanted to say. 
Pics are from our adventure to the village. One is me and Elder Latola.

 The other is just a view from the rock we climbed. You can kinda see the house we visited with our white truck parked in front. It is kinda in the bottom middle of the picture.

Love Me

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