Monday, July 21, 2014

Zone Conference, Bricks, and Teaching Gospel Principles

Another week gone as if it never even happened! 

Tuesday we spent all morning getting the brakes fixed on our truck. I didn't tell you last week but we had NO brakes for about two days. They went out last week Saturday at night and then Sunday & Monday we couldn't take it and so on Tuesday we finally were able to. We took it to a petrol (gas) station and had a mechanic look at it. Then after a bunch of craziness he finally referred us to a mechanic that teaches at a technical school in Iganga. He took us to this school and the guy looked at it. It turned out there was a big hole in one of the pipes that takes the brake fluid to the brakes. So it was big time leaking break fluid. So we finally were able to figure the problem out. The teacher guy ended up taking the pipe out (that was a hassle) then they took it and just put a weld over the hole. Then they put it back in and it worked! It took about two hours to get it all done. So we spent the whole morning doing that. It was pretty scary driving in Ugandas craziness with no brakes. But I am a safe driver and was able to keep us out of any danger. 

Wednesday we went on exchanges in the district here. I stayed in the area and Elder Latola went into the other side of Iganga. I was with Elder Mfolwe from Botswana. He is an awesome missionary and we had a great day together. We taught some referrals called Joseph and Henry. It was a great lesson. But Henry was super super excited about everything and kept trying to move ahead and explain things to himself then confuse himself. Then we would help him understand and then he would get super excited again and try to move ahead of the lesson. It was pretty funny. He is a good investigator. 

Thursday we had Zone Conference!! It was soo awesome. We had it at the Bugembe Chapel. It is a beautiful built building. Most of the zone conference was an open discussion. We were able to bring up concerns and things we are struggling with in each of the areas. Then we were able to talk about these things and President Chatfield and the AP's were able to help us resolve these concerns. It was a great learning experience and I left with a ton of new ideas for the work. Afterwards we had lunch. The senior couple for the Jinja Mission District is the Caspersons. Iganga Zone takes up half of the Jinja District. Sister Casperson made lunch. She made Shepherds Pie!!! She even made it in a bunch of crock pots. It was amazing and reminded me way to much of moms delicious food. I was inspired and I am going to make Shepherds pie either this week or next week. It was just too good. 

Saturday we went in the morning for service. We helped a member called David Baffa. We were taking bricks and piling them up. Im not sure what the purpose for piling the bricks was, but it was service and we did it! Haha it was fun though. I accidentally left my camera and work gloves on a log where we were working. I didn't realize it until Sunday after church. I was extremely worried. But when we went back luckily it was still there untouched. That was the first time I have ever forgotten my camera somewhere. It was pretty scary. Its a miracle that nobody went and took it. 

Sunday we had a great time at church. Every thing went very well. We had the District Presidency there and they spoke during sacrament meeting. Then I taught the Gospel Principles class. The lesson was about Sacrifice. It was a great lesson and a lot of people contributed so it wasn't just me talking forever. One thing that my mind was enlightened with is about what we are supposed to sacrifice today. In 3 Nephi Christ taught that we must give up animal sacrifice and instead we are to have a broken heart and contrite spirit. I recommend reading this lesson in the gospel principles book. There are even some examples at the end of the lesson of things that people have sacrificed. In the evening we went and had a dinner appointment with some of the YSA (young single adult) sisters in the branch. Don't worry their mother was home and we had a male member with us! Haha :) It was really fun though. I felt like I was at home just hanging out with a bunch of friends. The food was delicious and there was way to much! I piled my plate to almost overflowing. I love food!  

Today for Pday we didn't do anything fun! We ended up just staying at our house all day. It was pretty boring. But I did make some pudding! I made the white chocolate one. We are going to eat it tonight. Haha the food stories were for you mom! 

Yeah for Joey being gone now! Maybe you can call him Junior because he is Elder LeChemnant the second. Haha I make myself laugh. Thanks for all the pictures mom! I enjoyed them. Jacob is a dork. It doesn't make sense in my mind that Sarah is getting her driver's license! I cant comprehend such a thing. Haha :) the world is definitely going to be different next year when i am back. 

Why are so many people getting married!?!?!?!

If anyone complains of heat, try living in northern Uganda!!!! So no complaints from anyone especially you, Joey. :)

Thats all for now. 

Elder LeCheminant (the first) (the second)

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