Monday, July 28, 2014

Freaking Out About Snakes and Stuff.

Howdy do! 

This week was pretty hectic and crazy. We had a lot to do and not much time to do it. I forgot my planner today so I don't remember exactly what happened so this wont be very detailed. 

Tuesday in the morning we helped a member with his bricks again. It was fun until the snakes came! Haha dont worry. While unloading the bricks we found a little snake. It took all 4 of us to kill it. After that we were super worried there would be other snakes in the stack of bricks. Then like 5 min later another snake came out! All of us jumped away and kinda freaked out. But we managed to kill it. Luckily we didnt see any other snakes. SO that was pretty exciting.

Thursday in the morning we left for surprise exchanges in Bugembe. Bugembe is about a 30 min drive from Iganga going towards Jinja. So thursday we worked the whole day with the elders there. It was a great day and we did a lot of good work. One good thing I like was that most of our appointments were at the church so we didn't have to go to the peoples houses. They came to us! That's the best way to do it. Also I went to Mpummude and did two baptism interviews for the DL there.

Friday morning we drove to Kampala for MLC. We left Bugembe at around 10:00 and reached the mission office at around12:00. At the office we got a bunch of supplies like pamphlets and other stuff. Then we went to the distribution center and got a bunch of more shtuff that was requested by the elders in the zone. Then we headed to the mission home. MLC started at 3:00. It was an amazing meeting and we discussed a lot of great things. President Chatfield talked a lot about discouragement and how it is one of Satan's greatest tools in his tool bag. One cool thing about this MLC is that we had the ZL's from Ethiopia and Rwanda connected through Skype. Normally they fly in the Rwanda ZL's every other month and then in Ethiopia there are two zones so the ZL's would alternated each month to fly in for MLC. It was costing a TON of money for the mission so this way of doing it with Skype saves a lot of money. Things are getting pretty fancy even here in Uganda! Afterwards Sister Chatield had ordered a bunch of Chinese food. It was soo good! Chinese food is delicious. She even made an amazing chocolate cake and we had it with vanilla ice cream. Food is the best.

Saturday in the morning at 6:30 a bunch of the ZL's that slept in Kampala went to the stake center in Kololo and played basketball for an hour. It was pretty fun. I haven't played bball for a super long time. We left Kampala at around 10;00 and got back to Iganga at around 2:00. We spent some time preparing an investigator called Kiprotich for baptism. We did a split and Elder Latola finished teaching him and preparing him for the interview then I went and did an interview for our District Leader. After I finished the interview we went back to Elder Latola and Kiprotich and our DL interviewed him. Then in the evening we went and had a dinner appointment with a new RM sister. She cooked some super nice food. She even made mashed potatoes!! 

Sunday was awesome. In sacrament meeting the Branch President gave a talk about the Restoration. It was powerful. He even went into detail about the priesthood. The church is true and we are the only church with the true priesthood authority given to us directly from Jesus Christ and through a prophet. After church we had the baptism. It was awesome! 

Today for pday we went to Walukuba in Jinja and played soccer with a bunch of other missionaries. Today is also the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is a Muslim tradition where they fast from dawn until sunset for a month. Today it is ending and it is even a public holiday. Iganga is packed with Muslims so we have seen a lot of it. Muslims are all walking around in their traditional clothing and even they are going to be having huge feasts at night. One thing that was a problem for us is that most of the businesses in Iganga are owned by Muslims so almost everything was closed. So we couldn't really do much shopping and we ran around for a long time looking for an internet cafe that was open because all of them were closed. Life in Uganda.

The video of the glacier made me really really miss the boat! That was a sweet video. 

When I was pulling my laundry out of the washing machine and hanging it to dry I noticed a HUGE hole in the butt of one of my pants. Haha better get that one fixed. Ive been noticing that my clothes are still good but almost to the point of being worn out. Some of my socks are getting big holes in them and my shirts are slightly yellowish. Seeing this makes me feel like I am an old missionary! Only 10 months left! 

Have a great week. Love you all.

Elder LeChem the first the second

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