Monday, July 14, 2014

ZL Exchanges and the Primary Program

This was such a fast week! I cant believe its already Monday again. 
This week was great and we did a lot of good things.

Tuesday in the morning we spent the morning at the house because our fridge stopped working so we had to have a repair man come and fix it. Then we went to teach Jared and Robert. We taught them about family history as a followup to teaching them about the temple. In the evening we went to a less active man called Kita. We have been reading The Family Proclamation with him. Its a great document! If its been a while since you have read it then I highly recommend going through it especially with the family!! 

Thursday after our morning studies we went and did some service for a member family called the Sempas. They are awesome! The family has been to the temple and are sealed. Even they have a daughter that is going on mission next month and she is turning 19 in the MTC! That is super rare in Africa! Most African missionaries are older than 21. We were helping them in their garden. We we clearing all of the old maize so they can begin preparing it for planting something else. This coming Thursday we are going back to continue working in their garden. After lunch we taught an RC called Barbra. We have been trying to help her read to Book Of Mormon. We decided to go through the title page with her. I have never read the title page with someone before. Normally we just focus on the Introduction. But I felt that it would be good to talk about the title page. It helps us to learn some important things in the Book Of Mormon. It specifically says that it was not written by Joseph Smith, but it was Translated. That instantly answers a lot of questions that people. Even the rest of the title page answers some very common questions that people have. I found that it is a great resource to use when teaching people!

On Saturday we went on surprise ZL exchanges in Mpumudde. We do surprise exchanges because there was a problem in the past were missionaries were purposefully planning out crazy days just to wear out their ZL's. So we surprise them! It also helps us to see how their days actually go rather then how they are supposed to go. We drove there Friday night and worked all day Saturday. I worked with Elder Okech (from Tanzania) and Elder Hamlett (from Virginia). Anyways, we had a great day except for the fact that all of our appointments fell through. We ended up spending most of the day tracting. It was rough but they learned a lot and I was able to give them some advice to help find good investigators.

Church yesterday was nice. It was the Primary program during Sacrament Meeting! They did a great job. The opening and closing prayers were both given by Primary kids. And they actually did it in English! Even there were two kids who gave their testimonies and two that gave talks. They did a really good job. Even one Primary girl was conducting the music for the meeting.They sang a song  called "The Family is of God." How do I know the name of it?... because I was playing the piano for it. Thursday night one of the primary teachers sucked me into playing the piano for them. I tried making excuses to not do it but they wouldn't accept it so I kinda had to. :) She knew how to persuade me to do it! Her name is Rita and she is an RM from the London South Mission. It turned out pretty good though and the song sounded nice. It is found at the back of the 2014 Sharing Time book thingy. 

One other thing that happened was that the water in our house went out! So today we had to go and fetch water with a bunch of jerry cans so we could wash the clothes and clean the house and shower. I had to do a bucket shower this morning! It kinda sucked!! The joys of being in Uganda were power and water are not reliable at all. Its a good thing we have the truck though. It made fetching water a bit easier :) so we kinda cheated a little bit

Mom I don't know how to garden.. sorry!!! Haha :)

Happy birthday Rick!

Have fun going to the MTC Joey! Too bad your not going to the best MTC. South Africa MTC is the BEST!! There's nowhere like it. Haha, kidding you will enjoy and learn a ton there in Mexico. 

I miss Prince William Sound.

Congrats to the Dyers for the new baby!! That's really exciting.

Have a great week everyone!

Love Elder LeCheminant

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