Monday, May 12, 2014

General Conference

So first of all, according to me mom is the only one that loves me! Because she is the only person that emailed me today!! Seriously I got no other new emails from anyone. :)

This week was great. On Monday in the evening we had a compound dinner. We made a ton of food and invited all of the people that live in our compound to come and eat with us. In the morning it seemed like everything was going to fail miserably. A lot of the food wasn't turning out right and then it was terrible weather and raining and no power most of the day. But it actually turned out to be a huge success. I made a giant pot of amazing beans. Sister Moore made a ton of bbq pork! It was soo good. There was a ton of other amazing food. We had a great time with the other Mzungus. It was my first gathering/hangout with white people that arent missionaries in about a year!! So much fun. 

Tuesday went pretty good. In the evening we were teaching Peterson. He has a baptism date for the 25th. We were teaching him the plan of salvation. Unfortunately he was having a really hard time understanding and taking in what we were saying about the pre-mortal existence. He then just started spouting tons of questions and concerns with what we were talking about.  I did the best I could to explain everything clearly and simply. But he was still having a hard time. But I was amazed at how well we were able to handle the situation and answer his questions. A year ago I never would have been able to get close.

Wednesday for our district meeting I did a training about relying on the spirit from Preach My Gospel. It actually turned out to be a really good discussion. Afterwords we did exchanges in the zone. One of the ZL's came with my comp and I went with his comp in their area. His name is Elder Dlamini. He is from South Africa. We had a great day together and taught some awesome lessons.
Friday in the morning all of us went and did service for a lady. We were cutting the grass around her house, digging in her garden, and I also cut down a tree. It was so much fun! We timed how long it took me to cut the tree. I was chopping for exactly 1 hour! It was such a hard tree to cut down. I was exhausted but it felt so good to do some good hard physical labor. I felt so accomplished when the tree FINALLY came down! There is a pic at the end of me cutting.

Saturday and Sunday we were finally able to watch General Conference. We had it playing at the church and it ran just like it normally would if it was live. Conference was seriously amazing! I felt at home when I saw the Conference Center and Temple Square. It made me really appreciate how blessed we are to be surrounded by so many things. I miss Temple Square so much! The temple is so beautiful. Just seeing it and also the conference center, brought such a strong feeling of the spirit into my heart. When the tabernacle choir would sing I felt a literal presence of something. I know it was the Holy Ghost. This was one of the few times in my life where I have felt such a definite and undeniable presence of the Spirit. I love General Conference! All of the talks were so inspired. The Apostles were so direct in their messages about obedience, missionary work, and living the gospel. Elder Holland is amazing!!!

Today I was able to call for mothers day! To all you mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!!!! It was so good to talk to the family even though it was waaayyyyy to short. Those 40 minutes were definitely not enough time. We barely had enough time to say hello and talk about 1 or 2 things then time was up ;(.

Don't have too much fun with graduation and stuff. I remember back in the day when I graduated... Haha that was soo long ago!

Mom you need to send me the Vitamix so I can eat healthy as well! Haha kidding. I dont need to eat healthy until next year when I come home.

Oh yea, today we got our transfer news. The transfer ended yesterday. Everyone in Gulu is staying except for one. So this is going to my 3rd transfer here. Mom this is going to be the longest I will have stayed in an area so I feel like I have been here for a long time. But I am happy to stay. I wish I could just finish my mission here. Gulu is amazing. I will turn 1 year this transfer. I cant believe that I will be 1 year in three weeks!! When did that happen?

Have a good week.
Elder LeCheminant

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