Monday, April 21, 2014

Brad's Birthday and Easter

This week was also another one with ups and downs. Most of the week nobody was at home. It was really difficult to see all of our investigators. Nobody was at home and also everyone's phones were off. So both days we were just winging it and doing our best to get people at home. 

On Tuesday we taught an investigator called Geoffrey. we found him two weeks ago. Sunday we had given his family a copy of the Book Of Mormon. So Tuesday we went to talk about it. When we got there I asked what he had been able to read. He said he was at the part where Lehi dies. What?!?! I didn't believe it at first. But then he started telling us everything about Lehi's family in Jerusalem and how they left, then built a boat, then went to America, then the split of Nephites and Lamanites. I was so surprised. Wait its not over!! We sat there for a while talking about everything, then at the end, right before we were about to leave, he confessed that he had only read the chapter headings for 1st Nephi up until 2 Nephi where Lehi dies. Haha, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. He totally got us! 

Wednesday we taught a lady called Eve. She came to church a couple weeks ago just randomly. She said she had never been before and she never met the missionaries. She just felt like she needed to come and see the church. So we have been teaching her. On Wednesday we taught her the Plan of Salvation. Then at the end I asked her if she had any questions. Then she said "When are you going to baptize me?" Haha I love it when people ask us to be baptized instead of us asking them. She is progressing very very well and now has a Baptism date for the first week of May. 

Thursday was of course my birfday. Yea not to exciting. I made my box of mac and cheese for lunch. And I mixed some of mom's canned salmon in it as well. Then at night after everyone was back, Sister Moore, the senior couple, made an incredible chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Oh my goodness it was soo good! Yay now I am 20. Woo hoo. Thanks mom for the box :)

Friday we had weekly planning then as we were just about to leave to go out and work, the APs showed up; so then we got to work with one for the day. We had a great time. They came up for our Zone Conference on Saturday

It was a pretty dang awesome conference. I love President Chatfield. After Zone Conference we had an amazing lunch made by Elder and Sister Moore, our senior couple here. She made this pasta goulash kinda thing. As mom knows thats like my favorite food ever! She also made some amazing garlic bread and banana squares. I almost died. Then later after we headed out to work we stopped at the church to try and find a member to work with. No one was there except for President Chatfield; he was there doing interviews for the Branches. When we arrived he had no one and was just waiting. So we went and talked to him. It was fun. We were telling all of our hunting and snowmachining stories. I enjoyed it a lot. He is the best mission President ever. 

Sunday was great! It didnt really feel like Easter, but it was good to think a little more about the Atonement. Church was awesome! President Chatfield and the APs came to our Branch. He was there to reorganize the Branch Presidency. Now we have a new branch president. I am really excited because he is an awesome guy and is going to do wonders for the Branch. So that was a fun experience.  There's the week!

I just emailed Elder Hofheins. He replied right away and he said he is going to call you (mom) today to talk about when you all can meet up. He told me something about wanting to have you all over at his house for some dinner. So you can talk to him and figure all that shtuff out. I gave him your phone numba. 

Jacob you're crazy! Stop trying to break the by-side-by-side! hahaha

Mom - So I don't know if I am just crazy or what, but I thought that I saw some replacement heads for my shaver in my box when I opened it. But the day after I was going through it and didnt see them anywhere. So I decided that either someone took them from the box or I am just crazy and they were never there in the first place or I am crazy and somehow misplaced them. I asked all of the Elders if they took it, and of course no one had any idea what I was talking about and everyone acted completely innocent. So I hate to ask for another one, but if you could send another one along with some real shaving cream. I bought some but it kinda stinks. Thanks mom! Your awesome ;) Now I am a lot more careful with the things that are in my packages. Everything else in the box survived. The canned salmon is amazing! I want more!!! hahaha :)

I predict that joey is going to the Boise Idaho Mission! 

Haha kissing is a great way to spread sickness around! I hope everyone in the play at the school stays healthy. There's nothing worse than trying to perform and being sick at the same time. And why are the plays always so crazy? Nothing can beat the ones that I was in. hahahaha :)

Have a great week everyone. Congrats to Lindsey and Andy for graduating this week! Oh yea, what is the name of the blog that Lindsey made for me? I was going through my emails and couldn't find it. 

Love Elder LeCheminant

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