Monday, April 14, 2014

The Shortest Email Ever

This week was a good week. This is going to be short because the power went out and I have very small time remaining.

Every day this week was full of solid teaching and good work. This week was kinda a week full of small trials mixed with blessings. It was really hard to get used to some things but now we are doing great. Also, as we were working, trials would just start piling up. We just pushed through and did our best then the lord blessed us. That happened several times. Piles of trials then one small thing the lord blesses us with. It was actually kinda cool to be able to recognize the hand of the lord in what we were doing.

On Thursday in the morning we spent about 5 hours working in a garden. We were planting maize and g-nuts. G-nuts are like peanuts but grow in the ground. They are really good. So that was a great experience.
On Friday I did 1 interview for my district and on Saturday I did 2 interviews for the ZL's. They were all successful. On Sunday we also had a baptism. Her name is Cynthia. She is the daughter to Patrick and Jackie who we baptized last transfer. It was a good baptism.

After church yesterday I made everyone caramel syrup and pancakes. It was AMAZING! The caramel syrup actually turned out right and it was artery clogging/heart attack kind of deliciousness.

I will get whatever mail comes at the end of the month! Oh yea, i mailed the pfd form. I tried to do it express but it was going to cost WAAAYYY too much. Express for just a small letter is 86,000 shillings. Normal postage is 3,400 shillings. So yea I didnt want to spend that much money so I sent it regular postage. So I dont know how long it will take to get there.

Have you got the postcard that I sent? Just wondering.

Its my Bday this week! Just in case any of you forgot :)

Yea this is prob my shortest email ever!!!!!!!
Have a good week
Elder LeCheminant

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