Monday, October 13, 2014

A Busy Week is a Good One!

So this week was pretty dang awesome. We were just super busy all the time. We have been working very close with the Branch; especially the Branch President. We have been working with him a lot and giving him advice about better ways to do things. We council together about how to help the Branch continue to progress. Its pretty awesome!

Tuesday I had a funny. So for about a week my left ear became almost deaf. It got clogged and for several days I was half deaf. So I called the mission nurse and she told me to buy these ear drops so I have been using those and it has helped. Anyways, on Tuesday I was still halfway deaf. The funny is that there were a few times where I heard things differently than how the person actually said it. We were in a lesson and the family was introducing some kids that came and joined us. A little boy said his name was Dominic, but I heard Abednigo. Haha I have no Idea how my brain got Abednigo out of Dominic,but that was funny and we had a good laugh for a while. Then at night we were teaching a friend to Sister Loy. Her friend is called Regina. Regina doesn't really know English so Loy was translating for her. Regina had a question/concern and said that sometimes when she is sinning she has feelings that she needs to stop but then she doesn't know how to stop sinning and wanted some help with that. WELL, my brain heard "singing" instead of "sinning". Hahahaha so in my mind I was really confused about the question and how I was going to answer it. So I started answering by saying that there is nothing wrong with singing. Then my companion told me that they said sinning, not singing. Holy cow we laughed for like ten minutes!!! I still laugh at myself for that. Now my ear is doing better. I can mostly hear out of it. :)

Wednesday we had our ZDM. It was pretty awesome! Elder Mkutswana and I created a nice program for it on the computer and everyone in the zone participated.

Saturday night we went out to President Ciprians house for dinner! It was the first time for Elder Mkutswana. The food was great and the chicken was fantastic. We asked them to prepare the food before we got there so we could save time. But next time we will be preparing the chicken ourselves!!!!

Church was awesome yesterday. During Branch Council Meeting we presented our plans to start organizing a Branch Mission Plan. It is something that is talked a lot about in Ch 13 of Preach My Gospel and in the Handbook of Instructions. The leaders in the meeting were all ready and excited to start having a mission plan. SO that is something we will be working on a lot this coming week.

Its pretty exciting about all the missionaries going out from home and all the missionary work going on there. Keep it up everyone :) Congrats on the baptism last week

Just a quote from President Chatfield that is fantastic. He said, "Some will, some won't, so what, someone's waiting!" That can be applied in so many different aspects of life.

Have a fantabulous week and I hope everyone is productive in everything you do/ Until next week,

Elder Dulce de LeChe

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