Monday, October 27, 2014

Transfer #13

We survived the last week of the transfer. Throughout the week we spent a ton of time with the families of Joy and Dorothy. We saw them every day in order to finish up all the preparation for their baptisms. So that was the big thing that happened for the week. On Friday we were filling out their baptism records so they could have the interviews on Saturday. Everything was perfect for Florence and her two sons Denis and Godfrey. Then when we went to Joy we ran into a problem. We realized that we had forgotten to get a marriage certificate for Joy. In order to baptize someone who is married we have to have a copy of their certificate for proof that they are married. So Joy didn't have her certificate with her and she needs to go to her parents house to get it, so we had to push her baptism to next Sunday. In the picture Joy is the mama who is not wearing white. We are also going to baptize her two eight year old twins called Victoria and James. 

On Wednesday we had a cool experience. We were teaching an investigator called Dorothy. She has been an investigator for about a year now. Well she started coming to church a couple weeks ago and on Wednesday she just asked us randomly what the requirements are for her to get baptized. Then she expressed the desire to get baptized. She said that the things my companion and I had taught her had helped her to finally make the decision. It was pretty cool! I was super happy afterwards. 

Church on Sunday was great. They didn't tell me what the Hymns were until like 2 minutes before Sacrament Meeting was supposed to start. So I only had about 1 minute to practice before the meeting started. The opening hymn was 318 which is really difficult to play on the spot!! It was a rough plunking of the keyboard throughout the whole hymn. I just had to endure my best plunking. Eventually the song ended and I could relax! Haha its a good thing that nobody here knows much about music so they didn't care if I was doing a terrible job playing :) 

During the other two hours of church we were filling the baptism font but the water pressure was low so it was taking too long to fill up; so we had to bucket water. We helped in Primary for about 30 minutes and then spent the rest of church filling a bucket and pouring it into the font. Finally at 1:00 it was full. The service was great and successful. After the baptism service we had Branch Council Meeting. Elder Mkutswana and I presented the goals and plans that each auxiliary set for themselves. So now the mission plan is almost done. We are just left with printing out the goals and putting them on the walls of each classroom so everyone can see them. 

Today, Monday, was pretty boring. We received transfer news in the morning. Elder Mkutswana and I are staying together again. This will be my 4th transfer in Iganga. Yay!! The Branch received the General Conference dvds yesterday but they aren't planning on watching them until the end of November. Well, we didn't want to wait that long so we borrowed the dvds so we could watch them at our house. After cleaning the house we watched the first session. It was pretty awesome. All of the talks were powerful talks. I also baked a chocolate cake while we were watching. It was delicious! 

Congrats to Diane for getting married!!! 

My mind is now having a stupor of thought so I guess that means my email is complete for today. :) Have a great week all. The gospel is kitufu (true).

Elder LeCheminafrica

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