Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Preparing Investigators and Teaching Primary

Soo I am sorry for not emailing yesterday. We only had a few minutes at the computer and then a huge storm came in that lasted until late at night. So naturally the power was out. Now we are here today!

The week was crazy and hectic as usual. We spent a lot of time throughout the week teaching the families of Florence and Joy. They are two moms that randomly showed up at church at the beginning of September. We have been teaching each of them and their families. We are preparing Joy and two 8 yr old twins called Victoria and James, and Florence and two sons called Denis and Godfrey for baptism next Sunday. Its crazy and hectic mostly because the only ones that know English out of all them are Denis and Godfrey. So its tough to teach lessons because we have to be translated and some of the members we work with aren't the best at translating. We are working with them though to help them learn better ways to translate for us.

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Me and my comp eating some delicious pilau.

On Wednesday we did exchanges. First of all we went to the District Meetings for Bugembe and Mpumudde. I attended the DDM for Bugembe and Elder Mkutswana attended the DDM for Mpumudde. It was a great way to see how they are all doing. Then after the DDMs we did exchanges in Mpumudde. I worked with Elder Hamlett and Elder Sisa. Elder Sisa is one of my MTC brothers and he is the funniest guy. We had a good day working with them. Then we stayed the night in Mpumudde and drove back to Iganga in the morning.

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A photo of our district

The rest of the week we spent a lot of time teaching Florence and Joy and then helping many of the leaders in the Branch. We met with a few of the auxiliaries to start putting together the Branch Mission Plan. The meetings were very productive and we got a good start. This week we will be meeting with a few other auxiliaries to finish up the Plan.

Church on Sunday was pretty great. Elder Mkutswana and I were asked to help in the Primary because they are very short on leaders/teachers. We were in there for the whole two hours of Primary. Elder Mkutswana did some singing with the kids. He did songs like "Do as I'm doing" and "Families can be Together Forever." Then I was with teaching the kids about how the Book Of Mormon teaches us about Jesus Christ. They gave me the lesson book during the time that my companion was doing the songs. So I had literally 2 minutes to prepare a lesson for the children, but I taught them! I'm not sure how many of them actually understood what was going on though..... :)

During the week we also made zone t-shirts. I wanted to do something unique so we came up with the idea of rather than just doing t-shirts, we made soccer uniforms. They are pretty sweet!!! I will attach a picture of us. We look like a legit soccer team. Yesterday for Pday we were in Jinja at Walukuba to play games with all the missionaries. We played touch Rugby for a while. That was fun. Rugby is a cool sport!

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Our zone soccer team!  :)

Congrats Annelise for the new baby! Its cool to have a new cousin.

Enjoy the week. A quote for the week. This is from one of the missionaries here. He said "Life is like a straw. Only you can make it suck."

Elder LeChimant

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