Monday, November 3, 2014

"The Worst Best Man Ever"

Another week of ups and downs. Literally driving up and down all over the place! :)

Tuesday we did some service for our Elders Quorum President. We went out to his house and helped clean up the area where he keeps his animals. Then we MILKED HIS COWS. It was soo much fun! I had never milked a cow before so I took advantage of this opportunity. After milking the cows we took them out to a place on his property where he lets them graze. It was soo beautiful. We were sitting in a big section of scattered pine trees and the cows were just wandering around eating the grass. It was sooo incredibly peaceful and beautiful. I think we are going to go there regularly now.

Then Wednesday we had to help with the transfers. This transfer all the zone leaders did the transfers. In the past it has been the senior couples doing the driving but this time it was us. So we were driving all morning and we didn't get back to Iganga until the afternoon sometime.
Thursday in the morning we finished the Home Teaching lists with the Elders Quorum Presidency. Then after lunch I took Elder Mayeya, our DL, to do our baptism interviews. He interviewed Joy, James, and Victoria. With traveling and other things we didn't end up getting back until around 8:00. So we spent the rest of the night visiting a family in the Branch and playing card tricks with them. Oh yea that reminds me, my comp and I have started doing card tricks when we visit people. Its a great way to break the ice or to finish off a visit. So if anyone has any good card tricks I would love it if you could tell me them! :)

Friday we left to Kampala for MLC. We left at around 7:15. Then, after stopping at everyone in the zone, we reached Kampala at around 11:00. We stopped at the Mission Office to get some supplies, then we went to the South African Embassy because my companion wanted to inquire about getting a replacement for his driving licence that he lost a few months ago. The part of Kampala that the embassy was in was waayyy to nice! We didnt feel like we were in Uganda anymore. It was a cool experience going to the SA Embassy. Then we went to a shopping mall to try to find an American football. We wanted to start playing flag football on Mondays when we are in Jinja, but the store we went to didn't have any. Then we went to the distribution center and then to the Mission Home for MLC. The meeting was fantastic!!!! I saw Elder Buyers for the first time in about a year. He is now a zone leader in Mukono. After MLC we went out to eat at a Chinese Restaurant. It was really good chinese food except that it was waaayyy to spicy. There was a point were I was almost crying for about 20 minutes because it was so spicy.

The drive back on Saturday morning was fantastic! It took us about an hour less to get to Jinja than it normally does. There was almost no traffic. We rushed back to Iganga to attend the traditional wedding of the couple who served in Kenya. If you remember we were with them several weeks ago when the guy came back from Utah. The ceremony was pretty cool. It was a great way to experience another aspect of Uganda's culture. We wore some traditional clothing as well. The traditional clothing for men is a Kanzu. It is like a white dress with some little designs in it and you wear it with a suit coat. It is so hard to walk around in a dress! I don't know how women do it. Anyways, the women wear a traditional dress called a gomesi. It has pointed shoulders and is made of very colorful fabric. It can be made out of almost any color. The picture is of me and my companion and Sister from the Branch.

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 After the traditional part, the church took over to do the formal wedding. Shaun wore his Marines uniform which was pretty cool. Then literally 2 minutes before that part started they called me up to be the best man because the one who was supposed to be there didn't show up. Since I was the only other white person they assumed I was his brother so they made me be the best man. I seriously had no idea what to do! So I just stood there to look good in the pictures. I was probably the worst best man ever. It was kinda a cool experience though.

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Sunday we had the baptism of Joy and her two kids. It was awesome! We had the primary participate in the whole service because the two kids are in the primary.

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Thanks for the hunting pics dad! They make me happy.
Mom I just remembered. When we were in Kampala we met an Elder called Elder Ruell. He is from Manti UT and knows the Cooks and the Schiesses. Just something cool for you. You can let then know or something. :)

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That's all that my brain can handle for now. Enjoy the pictures. This week a member of the ASEA Presidency called Elder Ellis is touring the mission. So I will tell you about that next week.

Elder LeCheminafrica

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