Sunday, November 9, 2014

Milking Cows and Riding Goats

This was a fantastic week full of many wonderful spiritual experiences. Because of time I will just tell you about two cool things that happened.

First of all last week Elder Ellis from the ASEA (Africa South East Area) Presidency came to do a mission tour. So we had a combined zone conference with Jinja Zone on Tuesday with Elder Ellis. It was really cool and we learned tons of things.

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Another awesome experience happened Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we had a full schedule of appointments for the day, after lunch all but one of those appointments fell through. We were suddenly left with nothing to do. We were at the church when this happened, so we sat down to go through our back up plans and redo the schedule for the rest of day. Then suddenly a guy walks into the church and it was obvious that he was really confused about the whole church and what was going on, so we went to talk to him. His name is Kenneth. As we were talking to him he said he was just in town doing some things and then saw the church. He said he had never seen it before so decided to come and check it out. That was precisely the time that all our appointments fell through and we were at the church. So we continued talking to him and ended up doing a tour of the church. Then his wife and two kids walked in as well; they seemed really interested and promised to come to church on Sunday. Then Sunday came around and they actually showed up!!! They stayed for all three meetings and enjoyed the whole experience. In the evening we went to their house to visit them. After a small discussion and then answering a ton of questions about church they started telling us that they had been going around from church to church for a long time and had recognized apostasy in each of the churches they visited. So they were kinda starting to give up going to church; but now they say they really enjoyed the way we do things and they promised to come again. This family was awesome!!! They are sincere, honest, seekers of the truth. Its almost like the story of Joseph Smith!

This week we were blessed in many ways. On Sunday we had 10 investigators at church and most of them were from two families. We received 11 referrals this week as well. The work is moving forward here in Iganga. Its just fantastic.

Also there was a day we did service for the Elders Quorum President again. We milked his cows and then cleaned up the animal poop, then we played with one of his goats! It is a fun goat with a funny personality. We were just messing around with it and pushing it around and I got the idea to sit on top of it! I know it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. But I "rode" the goat for a few seconds. It was a lot of fun!

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My mind is tired and I cant think of anything else. Have a fantasmic week! I love you all.

Elder LeCheminafrica

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